Hamlet Act 5

Is Ophelia given a christian burial? she is allowed to be buried in the churchyard but the priest won’t give her the same rites as the other people who died
why do the gravediggers say she was allowed to have a christian burial? because she has money
who does the gravedigger say holds up Adam’s profession? gardeners, ditchers, and gravediggers because they were the first gentlemen
who does the gravedigger say builds stronger than a mason, shipwirght, or carpenter? (first one guesses gallows maker because its frame outlives a thousand tenants but) a gravedigger because their house lasts until doomsday
“custom hath made it in him a property of easiness” Horatio about the gravedigger’s cheerfulness and singing while digging a grave
whose grave does the gravedigger tell Hamlet he is digging? his (the gravedigger’s)
how long has the gravedigger been working as a digger? since King Hamlet defeated Fortinbras (the day Hamlet was born)
where does the gravedigger tell hamlet that hamlet is? in England to recover his wits, or if he doesn’t then it won’t matter because the men there are as mad as he is (says he lost his wits ‘strangely’)
why will a tanner last longer before rotting than other people? “his hide is so tanned with his trade that he will keep out water a great while; and your water is a sore decayer of your whoreson body” (-gravedigger)
whose skull was the gravedigger holding? Yorick the jester who the gravedigger hated because he poured white wine on his head, but hamlet loved because he held him on his shoulders and made everyone laugh
“here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft.” hamlet about Yorick the Jester
what does hamlet find on his ship heading to England? he steals the letter from the king with commands to kill Hamlet and replaces it with orders to kill Rosencratz and guildenstern without giving them a chance to confess in front of a priest
“”tis dangerous when baser nature comes between the pass and fell incensed points of mighty opposites” hamlet to horatio about rosencratz and guildenstern
who is osric? helping the king and laertes get hamlet to fence, the courtier who talks with hamlet about how good laertes is at fencing and gets him to dual him
what does hamlet tell osric to do with his hat? “put your bonnet to its right use: tis for the head”but osric will not because he says it is too hot, hamlet says its too cold but too humid and hot for his complexion