Hamlet act 5

The clowns (gravediggers) discuss where and how Ophelia is to be buried. How does the issue of suicide affect the burial? If Ophelia committed suicide, according to Christian practices of the time she would not be buried in the consecrated ground
Who was Yorick? How has Hamlet attitude towards death changed? Yorick was a court jester when Hamlet was young. Hamlet no longer fears death. He realizes that everyone must die and he is ready if it should happen
What dramatic function do the gravediggers have and what theme do they express? The gravediggers provide comic relief with their humor and sarcasm to relieve the disgusting qualities of their tasks. Shakespeare often uses comical figures to relieve the seriousness of a scene as he does here with words and actions. The theme they express is that death makes all people equal.
Explaining Hamlet’s reaction to lacerates behavior at Ophelia’s funeral He is disgusted by Lacerates over emotional display. He seems to question Lacerates sincerity
Explain Hamlet’s remarks to Horatio about fate Fate (into the form of the pirate’s intervention and Hamlet’s possessing his father’s ring) has allowed him to return to Denmark to act against Claudias. Hamlet also says that fate has more power over people than their own desire for control
Describe Hamlet’s state of mind before he fences with Laertes. How has Hamlet changed? He is calm senses danger but is ready to face death
Why does Hamlet apologize to Laertes? He regrets killing Polonius telling Laertes that that it was his madness or distraction that caused him to kill rashly. Hamlet says he admires Laertes for his ability to act so quickly and so strongly
Explain how each character dies in the end Hamlet dies after Laertes wounds him with his poisoned rapier. Laertes dies the same way as Hamlet but dies quicker. The Queen dies when she dranks the poisoned wine which Claudias was gonna use as a backup to kill Hamlet. Claudias dies after Hamlet stabs him with the poisoned sword.
Why did it end this way? With the deaths of the characters the evil is gone King Hamlet is avenged and the ghost can rest in peace
Who does Hamlet appoint to tell his story to the world?Why? Hamlet wants Horatio, who is respected to tell all this will save Hamlet’s honor
Who will be the next King of Denmark Fortinbras marches in and assumes leadership, with Hamlet’s dying acknowledgment that Fortinbras has a claim to Denmark throne