hamlet act 4

what does gertrude inform claudius of? polonius killed by hamlet
what does claudius decide he must do about hamlet? send him to england
how does hamlet respond to rosencrantz’ and guildebsterns request? by being rude and ignoring them
what reasoning does the king give hamlet for sending him to england? to help him to get out of the cross fire
when is hamlet going to leave ? after the convo they had
what plan has claudius set in motion regarding the fate of hamlet? he’s gonna have the king of england kill him
who arrives in denmark in scene 4? fortinbras (king of norway)
where is young fortinbras headed with his men and why poland to invade their land
what is wrong with ophelia? she’s becoming crazy with greif
why is Laertes returning from france and what are his plans? to become king
what does Laertes accuse claudius of? killing polonius.
what promise does claudius make laertes? the it wasn’t him who killed polonius
what does the letter horatio receives from hamlet inform him of? his ship was taken over by pirates and he was the only one taken
what question does Laertes have for claudius once he finds out hamlet is responsible for his fathers death? why hamlet is not killed yet
what reasons does claudius offer for not dealing with hamlet for his crime? there would be an uprising in denmark & gertrude would be mad / sick with grief
what plan do laertes and claudius devise to deal with hamlet? to kill hamlet with poison on a sword or in wine
what news does gertrude bring of ophelia? she killed herself
“… you find him not within this month, you shall nose him as you go up the stairs” Hamlet
“O, from this time forth,/ my thoughts be bloody, or nothing be worth!” Hamlets monolouge
“to cut his throat i’ th’ church” laertes
“too much water hast thou, poor ophelia,/ and therefore i bid my tears” Laertes