Hamlet Act 3 Quiz

What were rosencrantz and Guildenstern sent out to do? Was it successful? To figure out why Hamlet is crazy. it was unsuccessful
Who are the players performing in front of? King, Queen, and Hamlet
In act 3 sc 1 what does polonius tell ophelia to do so that he can spy on hamlet? put her nose in a prayer book so it looks like shes praying, so that would explain why shes alone
Monologue- talking out loud but not to anyone. (Hamlet act 3 sc 1)
What is Hamlet questioning in act 3 sc 1? whether it is worth it to live a life of pain and suffering.
What does Hamlet say to ophelia in act 3 sc 1? why does he say that? “send her to a nunnery” he is trying to protect other men from marrying her
After listening to hamlet and ophelias conversation, does the king think hamlet is crazy? no, “these are not the words of love”
Where does the king plan to send hamlet and why? Send him to england to collect tribute that england owes denmark.
What are some of the things hamlet tells the players before the play? -not to be melodramatic -“Dont outdo the termagant”-not to be weak, keep it realistic-keep their clowns under controll
Who does hamlet ask to watch the king during the play for a second opinion on the kings reaction? Horatio
What is Hamlet struggling with? his concisence, the well being of his soul
Who did polonious play in college in a play? Julius Ceaser(shakesphere put this in to promote his other play that was going on around the same time)
Who does Hamlet sit next to at the play? ophelia
dumb show- an outline of what the play is about without any lines
Why do the lines rhyme in the play? because it was then easier for the actors to memorize, oral tradition
What does hamlet do during the play? Heckles the actors
What happens at the begining of the play? player queen is less inclined to love the player king. He makes her promise not to remarry after he dies.
What does claudius do during the poison scene? he rises
What is claudius seeing in the play? how hje killed his brother, and how he might be murdered by his nephew.
who murdered the player king in the play? his nephew, lucianus
what does hamlet accuse guildenstern of? “playing him”, not trusting him
What does hamlet promise not to do when he goes to talk to his mother? promises himself not to kill her
Where is the king planning to leave to and why? england, so he doesnt get killed by hamlet
what big thing happens in act3 sc 3? claudius admits to the murder of his brother
Why is cladius worried he wont be forgiven? he doesnt think God will forgive him because he still has the throne, the crown, and the queen, because of the murder and as long as he has those things he cant be forgiven.
What does claudius getting on his knees represent? prayer, reverence, and surender
Why doesnt hamlet choose to kill cladius in act sc 3? because he was praying and if he killed him the, he could be sent to heaven.
What happens to polonius in act 3 sc 4? hamlet kills him through the curtains while he was eavsdropping.
What is hamlet trying to get his mother to admit? that she knew about the murder
who enters and what does he say? the ghost, “dont hurt your mother, speak to her”
Can the queen see the ghost? no, she thinks hamlet is crazy and is very disturbed
What does hamlet tell the queen not to do? go to bed with claudius
Who is the on eperson hamlet trusts in the play? horatio