Hamlet Act 2 Questions

1. What plan does Polonius concoct using Reynaldo? Be specific with what he is having Reynaldo do…What kind of person does this make Polonius? Polonius makes a plan where Reynaldo has to spy on Laertes to see if he’s up yo bad things. This makes him passive-aggressive and sneaky, shows that he doesn’t trust him.
2. What does Polonius think is wrong with Hamlet? Why does he think this? Polonius thinks that Hamlet is crazy because he’s in love with Ophelia. He has to tell the king that that’s why he’s crazy.
3. Why are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern invited to the castle? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because they are Hamlet’s childhood friends and he wants to see if they can get his spirits up and find out wrong with him.
4. What news does Voltemand give the king? Voltemand tells the king that Fortinbras did get together an army to attack Denmark. Fortinbras swears tot he king he’s going to do it again. He asks to march through Denmark to attack Poland.
5. What is Polonius’ purpose in conversation with Hamlet? What is Hamlet’s purpose? Polonius’ purpose in the conversation is to feel out Hamlet and try to figure out what’s wrong with him. Hamlet just talks circles around him and makes fun of him without him realizing.
6. Give an example or two of Hamlet’s “mad,” yet quick wit. An example of his wit is when he’s talking to Polonius and says obvious answers that are witty and somewhat sarcastic, also when he makes fun of him in short comments that Polonius doesn’t get.
7. What kinds of images does Hamlet use when discussing his view of the earth with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? (ll. 298-316) What is causing him to feel this way? Hamlet describes the earth in a good way and makes it seem beautiful. But when he talks about the way he sees it he views it as a boring rock and doesn’t think its beautiful. He sees it as a bunch of vapors that choke you. He feels this way because he is relating all men to his uncle who he hates, and he feels like everything is going against him right now.
8. What requests does Hamlet make of First Player? What do you think he is up to? Hamlet request to act out a murder and add lines. He’s going to portray how Claudius killed his dad.
9. Why does Hamlet choose to use this play as part of his plan rather than just killing Claudius? Why is he delaying in taking revenge? Hamlet chooses the play to be part of his plan so he can see Claudius’ reaction to make sure he actually did it and its a good ghost and not a bad one. He’s delaying is because he’s scared or nervous about killing him so he’s stalling.