Hamlet Act 2

“Your bait of falsehood…find directions out…” Polonius to Reynaldo: using lie as a bait fishes out the truth.
“My lord,…he comes before me.” Ophelia to Polonius: Ophelia is describing Hamlet’s distracted and maddened state.
“He falls to such… would draw it.” Ophelia to Polonius: Hamlet stares at Ophelia like how a painter draws a picture.
Come, go with me;…alflict our natures.” Polonius to Ophelia: Polonius believes Hamlet is acting crazy because of love. Love might make him self-destruct.
“I doubt it is…our o’erhasty marriage.” Queen to Claudius: the Queen believes the reason for Hamlet’s madness is the death of his father and their hasty marriage.
“Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit…/I will be brief.” Polonius to King and Queen: Polonius says that wise people do not talk too much and are straight to the point yet he is the oppposite of this
More matter, with less art.” Queen to Polonius: the Queen asks Polonius to speak with more material and less flourish.
“Doubt thou the stars…doubt I love.” Polonius to King and Queen: in Hamlet’s letter, he descirbes that Ophelia may doubt natural phenomena but he should not doubt his love for her.
“For if the sun…god kissing carrion.” Hamlet to Polonius: Maggots were thought to be created by the sun. The quote echoes the idea that the sun can create new life.
“Though ths be sadness, yet there is method in’t.” Polonius to audience: Polonius comments on how Hamlet’s madness seems rational.
“How pregnant sometimes…be delivered of.” Polonius to audience: Hamlet’s madness leads to meaningful replies that sane people wouldn’t have a talent for.
“Why, then,…it is a prison.” Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Hamlet is saying that things are not good or bad in itself, it is what the person’s conscience that makes it seem so. To him, Denmark is a prison.
“…this most excellent canopy,…congregation of vaopours.” Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: the sky is beautiful and decorated with golden sunlight yet Hamlet thinks it is disease-filled air.
“What a piece of work…you seem to say so.” Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Hamlet describes how humans are beautiful intelligent beings and surpass all other animals, yet he believes they are nothing but dust. He is interested in neither women or men.
“I am but mad…hawk from handsaw.” Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Hamlet is only mad sometimes and when he isn’t, he can distinguish one thing from another.
“O Jephthah,…treasure hadst thou!” Hamlet to Polonius: Hamlet is reminded of Polonius sacrificing his daughter Ophelia.
“Od’s bodykins,…is in your bounty.” Hamlet to Polonius: Hamlet orders Polonius to take care of the actors as he would for his honour and dignity.
“What’s Hecuba to him,…That I have.” Hamlet to self: the actor could peform more brilliantly if he had the motive Hamlet has.
“O, what a rogue and peasant slave I am!” Hamlet to self: Hamlet rebukes himself for being a low life.
“But I am pigeon liver’d,…With this salve’s offal.” – Hamlet to self: Hamlet berates himself for his cowardice.
“The play’s the thing…the conscience of the king.” Hamlet to self: Hamlet believes the play will reveal the truth about the King.
“Give him this money and these notes Reynaldo” Polonius
“Ay, or drinking, fencing, swearing, Quarrelling, drabbing- you may go so far.” Polonius
“At ‘closes in the consequence.'” Reynaldo
“…Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth…” Polonius
“Oh my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted.” Ophelia
“He took me by the wrist and held me hard.” Ophelia
“No, my good lord, but as you did command, I did repel his letters and denied his access to me” Ophelia
“Good gentlemen, he hath much talked to you, and sure I am, two men there are Queen Gertrude
“But we both obey,…to lay our service freely at your feet to be commanded.” Guildenstern
“I doubt it is no other but the main, His father’s death and our o’er-hasty marriage.” Queen Gertrude
“Most fair return of greetings and desires.” Voltemand
“More matter with less art.” Queen Gertrude
“Madam, I swear I use no art at all.” Polonius
“But how hath she received his love?” King Claudius
“Take this from this if this be otherwise..” Polonius
“Excellent well. You are a fishmonger.” Hamlet
“Ay sir. To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.” Hamlet
“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t. Will you walk out of the air, my lord?” Polonius
“Happy in that we are not over-happy: on Fortune’s cap we are no the very button.” Guildenstern
“None my lord, but the world’s grown honest.” Rosencratz
“Truly, and I hold ambition of so airy and light a quality that is but a shadow’s shadow.” Rosencratz
“My lord, we were sent for.” Guildenstern
“He that plays the King shall be welcome.” Hamlet
“Faith, there has been much to do on both sides…” Rosencratz
“O, there has been much throwing about of brains.” Guildenstern
“I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.” Hamlet
“O Jephthah, judge of Israel, what a treasure hadst thou!” Hamlet
“Anon he finds him, striking too short at Greeks…” 1st Player
“It shall be to the barber’s with your beard!” Hamlet
“Run barefoot up and down, threatening the flames with bissom rheum…” 1st Player
“…dost thou hear me, old friend? Can you play the Murder of Gonzago?” Hamlet
“Ay, so, God be wi’ye. Now I am alone. O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” Hamlet
Who are Rosencratz and Guildestern? Hamlet’s childhood friends
What is the role of Reynaldo? Polonius’s servant
What are the Queen’s feelings are towards Polonius the windbag? She thought he was annoying and just wanted him to get to the point
Why does Hamlet want the players to do a certain play? So that Claudius would react to the story of murder and Hamlet would know Claudius did it
What Polonius’ plan is for Reynaldo? For Reynaldo to spread rumors about Laertes and see what people say about him
What happened in Norway with Voltimand and Cornelius and Norway/Fornibras? They talked to Norway and they said that Fortinbras would fight someone else but be able to walk through Denmark
What are the King’s plan is concerning Rosencratz and Guildenstern? For them to ask Hamlet what’s wrong and to spy on him
What is an allusion? A reference to any field of knowledge used for comparison
What is an example of an allusion in the book? Hamlet compares Polonius to Jephthan
What is Shakespeare’s psychology about men? Men are a bunch of bumbling fools
What did Polonius think was reason why Hamlet was mad? He’s crazy in love with Ophelia
What does love make us do? Crazy things
What is Shakespeare’s psychology in the lines, “By heaven, it is as proper to our age to cast beyond ourselves in our opinions as it is common for the younger sort to lack discretion”? Parents look out for their children
What is the line, “That hath made him mad.” A pun
What is Hamlet setting up in the lines, “The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals – and yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me – no, nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.” His insanity
What group of people are coming in scene 2? Actors
Rosencrantz, Hamlet, and Guildenstern are having a conversation on pg. 120, what are they explaining? Actors and the acting business
What is the line, “I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.”? A famous line
What is the line, “This is too long.” said by Polonius? Irony
Why is Hamlet terribly guilt ridden after the actor says the line he wants him to say? Because the actor is a lot more passionate about it than Hamlet is even when Hamlet has the motivation.
What will looks give away? Guilt
What could the ghost possibly be? And why? The ghost could be a bad ghost because the devil might be tempting him to do a sin for no reason
What is the line, “The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.”? And what is Hamlet saying? A famous line. He is saying he will watch the King during the play and if he even flinches, he will know he is guilty of killing his father.
Brevity is the soul of wit… PoloniusKing and QueenP is telling K&Q that H is crazya good piece of writing should be brief and concise
More matter, with less art Queen GertrudePoloniusP is rambling to K&Q that H is crazy”get the the point”
Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t. PoloniusHimselfwhile talking with Hamletsuggesting Hamlet is only pretending his insanity
What a piece of work is a man! HamletRosencrantzthe first time R&G talk with HMan is the noblest of all God’s pieces of work
…there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so HamletRosecrantz and GuildensternHamlet sees Denmark as his prisona person decides whether something is good or bad
I am but mad north-north-west…I know a hawk from a handsaw. HamletRosecrantz and Guildensterntelling R&G that everyone thinks hes crazyhe is not always crazy, he sometimes knows whats happening
What’s Hebuca to him, or he to Hebuca / That he should weep for her? HamletTo himselfafter the actor recited a piece of the play for him with full emotionH wonders how the actor could express the emotion when the actor has no connection to Hebuca
For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak / with most miraculous organ. HamletHimselfthinking to himself how to reveal Claudius’ actionsfacial expressions reveal the truth
… the devil hath power T’assume a pleasing shape Hamlet Himselfthinking about the devil/ghost’s honestyit is possible that the ghost was actually the devil in disguise trying to trick him
The play’s the thing / Wherin I’ll catch the conscience of the King HamletHimselfafter he devised his strategy to find the truththe play will show on Claudius’ face whether he killed the king or not
Why does Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris? to spy on Laertes and gather information
Briefly describe the how Polonius suggests that “by indirection” Reynaldo might seek “directions out.” That is, how does Polonius suggest that Reynaldo gather information? by making up stories about Laertes so people who do know him will either agree/disagree and tell him the truth
What has frightened Ophelia? Hamlet came into her room looking like he came back from hell
How was Hamlet dressed? no hat, unbuttoned shirt, dirty stockings around his ankles
What did Ophelia think was wrong with Hamlet? she is afraid Hamlet has gone mad due to his love for her
How does Polonius explain this incident? Hamlet is love crazed
Why does Polonius set off to see the King? to tell the king about Hamlet’s “condition”
Why has the King sent for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? to spend time with Hamlet and to see if they can get him back to normal/observe what is wrong with him
Compare the beginning of the scene with the beginning of the previous scene. How are they alike? people asking to spy on people
What reward does the Queen suggest that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern may receive? (lines 25-6) they will be “thanked royally”
From line 43, does Claudius seem to value Polonius or to disregard him? value — says something about bringing only good news
To what causes does Gertrude attribute Hamlet’s “distemper” or “lunacy”? his father’s death or her marriage to Claudius
Old Norway thought young Fortinbras was preparing to fight the ________? Polish
Fortinbras, however, was actually preparing to fight____________? Denmark
What is old Norway’s state of age, health and power? old and sick but still very powerful
What request does Norway make of Denmark? to march their troops through Denmark on the way to Poland
What is Polonius’ definition of madness? mad is mad
What does Gertrude mean when she says “more matter with less art”? get to the point
To what does Polonius attribute Hamlet’s madness? Ophelia shut him out, driving him mad
Compare Hamlet’s conversation with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with his preceding conversation with Polonius. What do you conclude about Hamlet’s madness? he does not act crazy around them
Why does Hamlet suspect that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent for? to spy on him to determine his sanity
Hamlet is familiar with the players Rosencrantz mentions in line 301+. Why are these players traveling? they don’t get enough business in the city
According to Hamlet, what do those who used to make faces at Claudius do now? beg to paint portraits of him
Why does Polonius consider it significant that Hamlet brings of Jephthah and his daughter? Is he correct? he compares J to P because of their daughters — yes
What concerns does Hamlet have about the boy-actress’ voice and height? they will grow too old for their parts
Hamlet asks the player to speak a speech from a play . What is the subject of that speech, which Hamlet begins and the Player King completes, and why is it significant? What does it indicate about Hamlet’s values and state of mind? murder
What play does Hamlet ask the players to perform on the following night? What does he want added? The Murder of Gonzago, a speech of 12-16 lines he composed
What contrast does Hamlet make between himself and the Player King? The Player King acts with lots of emotion while Hamlet, who is actually going through terrible circumstances is emotionless.
What is Hamlet’s plan “to catch the conscience of the king.”? have the actors perform the murder of his father
Why does he need proof that the ghost is honest? to assure that Claudius is the true killer
With what famous words does Act II end? Why is this couplet important? The play’s the thingWherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king — it shows Hamlet’s plan for the next scene