Hamlet act 1 scenes 3-5

who is laertes sister? ophelia
what does laertes warn ophelia about falling in love with Hamlet
what is Polonius fatherly advice? to thine oneself be true
what does polonius order ophelia tl do? break up with him, stop talking to him
how does hamlet respond to the ghost? shouts at it to speak
what is Marcellus’ most famous remark “something is rotten in the state of denmark”
where does the ghost currently reside? purgatory
what does the ghost order his son to do? kill his murderer his uncle
how was the ghost killed? piosoned
who is the symbolic serpent? uncle/devil
how did he “sting” him? took his crown
why is the ghost in purgatory he never got to confess his sins
what are the ghosts final words remember me
what does hamlet make marcellus and horatio swear on? why? sword becuase its hily like a cross
what are Hamlets most famous words to horatio? there are more things in heaven and earth , horatio than are dreamt of inyour philosophy
what is hamlets plan? to pit on an antic disposition