Hamlet Act 1 Characters

Bernardo Guard at Castle Elsinor- sees Ghost & reports to Horatio
Francisco Guard at Castle Elsinor- also sees Ghost & agrees they should tell Horatio
Marcellus Captain of Guard at Castle Elsinor- watches with Horatio
Horatio Nobleman who is Hamlet’s friend and tells Hamlet the news about the Ghost.
King Claudius the dead King Hamlet’s brother; Recently made King; marries Gertrude who is Hamlets mother
Laertes son of Polonius; brother to Ophelia; student at university;
Queen Gertrude Hamlet’s mother; widow of King Hamlet; fall in love with Hamlet’s uncle Claudius who is made King after her husband’s death; Naive and trusting
Hamlet Prince of Denmark; son of King Hamlet who died; nephew of King Claudius; loves Ophelia; mourns for his father longer than others
Ophelia daughter of Polonius; sister of Laertes; young woman who loves Hamlet
Polonius Lord Chamberlain to the King; Ophelia’s father; Laertes’ father