Six elements of Shakespearean Tragedy 1. chance happenings2. Tragic Hero/flaw/mistake3. supernatural element4. revenge motive5. internal and external conflicts6. Comic relief
Comic Relief Element of Shakespearean Tragedy.- the grave digger scene is Comic relief (puns, riddles, malenpropisin)
Tragic Hero/flaw/mistake Element of Shakespearean Tragedy.-Hamlet = hero- Flaw = he’s a dreamer, but need to be a man of action- Mistake= killing polonius (was his dramatic reverse)
Supernatural element Element of Shakespearean Tragedy. – the ghost appearing at the witchy hour of night
Revenge Motive Element of Shakespearean Tragedy. – Hamlet is motivated to kill Claudius. (is married to his mother, killed his father, and stole the throne from Hamlet)
internal and external conflicts Element of Shakespearean Tragedy- Hamlet struggles with being a dreamer versus a man of action- Struggles to stay sane while pretending to be insane- Struggles to avenge his father and kill
Chance Happenings Element of Shakespearean Tragedy.- Pirates rescue him while on his way to England- He decides to hide in the graveyard where Ophelia was about to be buried in-Finds Yorick’s bones
7 Major Themes 1. Revenge and Justice2. Sanity and maddness3. Role of women4. Appearance versus reality5. Destiny and purpose of life6. Rights and duties7. Poison and corruption
Revenge and Justice – Hamlet seeks to avenge his father and serve Cladius with justice-Laertes wants revenge against Hamlet for killing Polonius-Fortinbras wants revenge against Denmark for King Hamlet killing Old Fortinbras
Sanity and maddness – Hamlet pretends to be mad, but is actually sane- Ophelia becomes insane
Appearance versus reality (there’s a lot but here are 2 you might not know) – Hamlet to Ophelia “God hath give you one face and you have given yourself another” -Trojan horse incident
Destiny and Purpose of life -“There’s a divinity that shapes our ends… rough-hew them how we will.”
Rights and duties – As the King’s son, it is his duty to avenge him-It’s Ophelia’s duty to her father and the king to be the bait for the trap
Poison and corruption – Claudius- the way Gertrude, Claudius, Hamlet, and Laertes all die
Role of women – Ophelia: Obedient, only speaks when spoken to. She stops seeing Hamlet as soon as her father asks her to Is bait for the King/Polonius’ trap without question- Gertrude: Submissive, weak Frailty Thy name is woman Got remairred right away because she was so worried Follows along with whatever Cladius does (Until end when she warns Hamlet)
Shakespearean 5 act structure 1. Exposition2.Rising actions3.Climax & Dramatic reverse4.Falling action5. Catastrophe
exposition the Backgroundopens on a snowy night at midnight… we already know Hamlet has mysteriously died, Cladius is now king, Hamlet has returned from germany for his dad’s funeral…
Rising Action the Entrapments setting the stage for the climax of the playand all of act 2
Climax height of the play (always Act 3)when Hamlet has the chance to kill Claudius, but doesn’t because he sees him praying (isn’t a perfect revenge)
Dramatic reverse beginning of the end for the main character/ spiral downwardWhen Hamlet accidentally kills polonius (stains his soul)
Falling action act 4…
Catastrophe everyone (but Horatio) is dead