FOIL CHARACTERS USE: used to compare the each other and highlight particular qualities and character traits. Must have some similarities in order for the reader to compare them.
Rosaline and Juliet (in love with Romeo) Rosaline: aloof, quiet, sworn off marriage and pleasure of flesh. uninterested with Romeo. Juliet: talkative, interested in Romeo, wants physical relationship.
Paris and Romeo (in love with Juliet) Paris: nobility, have traits the Capulet’s find desirable for marrying their daughter. Follows rules society. Romeo: ignores normal standards and approaches Juliet directly rather than through family.
Nurse and Lady Capulet (mother figures to Juliet) Nurse: strict, loving, warm, encorages J to make own choices.L. Capulet: not close with Juliet, stiff, cool towards Juliet, only caring about how Juliet with make the family look to others.
Tybalt and Benvolio (cousins to main character) Tybalt: prone to act fast/violently if felt dishonoured.Benvolio: tries to soothe tempers, calm, mediator.
Romeo and Mercutio (best friends) Mercutio: witty, outgoing, cynical about love. Romeo: falls in love constantly, keeps to himself more.