English the tempest

How did Prospero and Maranda end up on the island years before the present action of the play? They were banished
What does Prospero do to bring the Mariners to the island? She made them think it was on fire
What happens when Maranda and Ferdinand meet each other for the first time? They fall in love
Who is Caliban? Why is he angry all the time? He is the slave and he can’t reproduce
How does Maranda react to the shipwreck? What does this reaction show about her character? She is worried and Sad it shows that she is caring
Why does prosper arrange for Ferdinand and Maranda to meet? What does Prospero achieve as a result of their first encounter? He wants them to like each other and they end up liking each other
What elements of the magical, supernatural, or unrealistic events exist in the play? Pluck my magic garment from me so magical robe
What dark or violent emotions are present in this play? Didn’t seek to violate the honor of my child disrespect
What do Alonso can Zollo Sebastian and Antonio believe has happened to Ferdinand? They believe he drowned and died
In scene one Act twowhy do most of the characters fall asleep? Ariel put them to sleep
What do you Sebastian and Antonio plot while the others are asleep? They want to kill Alonso because Sebastian wants to be king
Why does Ariel interfere with Sebastian and Antonio’s plot? He does this because he wants to keep them living
In scene one act two what remarks doesn’t Gonzalo make about his clothes? Why? What do Gonzalo’s remarks imply about the shipwreck in the island? He says rather knew died then stained with salt water this suggest there must be some kind of magic because his clothes are wet from the rec
What do Antonio and Sebastian have in common? What does this similarity affect their conversation in scene one act two? They both don’t like guns all and they just cut him off
Insane to act two why does Caliban promise to serve Stefano and Trinculo? Because they gave him alcohol
What possible impact of the collaboration of Caliban, Stefano, and Trinculo have on the other characters? The collaboration serves Stefano now so they might upset Prospero
Identify two examples from add to our Shakespeare uses indirect characterize Asian to reveal the characters are like Antonio and Alonso or mean because they just make fun of Gonzalo
What task does Prospero require a Fernando? How does Maranda intervene? Prosperity wants Fernandez to prove his love for Maranda by carrying logs Maranda tries to take the logs from him
What decisions do Ferdinand and Maranda make during the conversation? To get married to each other
What does Caliban want Stefano to do for him? Caliban wants to follow to kill Prospero
What does Ariel first provide and then take away from Alonso and his entourage? He first provides the banquet then takes it away
How do you know Prospero approves of the growing love between Maranda and Fernandez? He shows his fatherly side
How does Prospero home this act, even though he does not make a formal appearance in any scenes? In what ways does this highlight Prospero’s differences from other characters? He Hanses act by always being there and he is different from other characters because he knows everything all the time
What is the purpose of Ariel speech after the banquet vanishes? What contribution does this speech make to the plot? He is trying to get Alonso to feel bad about what he did
How do you Gonzalo’s lines at the end of the act build on Ariel speech? He says how they are desperate and guilty
Which conspirators Are more dangerous, Sebastian in Antonio or Caliban and Stefano? Sebastian and Antonio because the other two are always drunk and following strange music
At the beginning of act for what arrangement between Ferdinand and Maranda does Prospero approve? He approves them getting married
Why does Prospero have Ariel arrange a pageant? To impress Ferdinand and bless their marriage
Who are the actors an aerial show Spirits
Why does Prospero stop the show? Because Trinculo Caliban Stefano want him in his house
What does Prospero coming on the spirits to Stefano,Trinculo, and Caliban? He makes the spirits chase them
What services does Ariel perform for Prospero ask for? How are these services similar, and how are they different? He puts on a pageant for the married couple and He is trying to help Prospero
In Act IV, which of Prospero’s words and actions are motivated by his sense of responsibility as Miranda’s father? Prospero tells Ferdinand not to be rude
What does Caliban understand or feel about Prospero that Stefano in Trinculo did not? How does the behavior of the three characters and Prospero’s cell emphasize these differences? Caliban knows that Prospero has a lot of power. The behavior shows that Stefano and Trinculo are too na├»ve and so they get the dogs to put on them
How does Prospero’s role throughout the play make asides a natural choice for his character Prospero tells the audience things that the other characters don’t know
To whom is Prospero referring to when he says we are such stuff/as Dreams are made on, and our little life/is rounded with a sleep? Prospero was talking to Ferdinand Maranda and he isReferring to the spirits in saying that the story is it real
What are Ferdinand and Miranda doing when we first see them in act five? They are playing chess
What does Alonso immediately resign when he sees Prospero? He apologizes and gives his duke dome back
What is Prospero’s command to Ariel? He wanted to get all the characters backTogether
Why does Prospero decide to forgive the conspirators? Because he feels bad for them
Where in act five does Alonso express a Wish that reveals the situation of dramatic irony? What makes the wish ironic? Is Prospero justified in placing Alonso in the circumstances that evoke the wish? He knows his son isn’t dead so he doesn’t feel bad for him
What does Prospero do for Ariel and Caliban in the final scene? How does Prospero’s final soliloquy, in a Epilogue, reflect these actions? Ariel was set free when he gave His Magical way Caliban still has to work for him