English Romeo and Juliet

Where does this story take place? Verona, Italy
How does Shakespeare describe Romeo and Juliet? a pair of star-crossed lovers who take their lives
What does that mean in terms of their final destiny? Who or what is in control? they will die(commit suicide), they are in control of their death
What two families are feuding? Capulet and Montague
What is Tybalt’s opinion of peace?(Line 69) Tybalt hates peace/wants to fight
How does this contrast with Benvolio’s position? Benvolio is trying to keep peace but is ready to fight
What does the Prince say caused the three public brawls?(Line 86) an airy word, by old Capulet and Montague
What did the Prince say would happen is the two families fight in public again? the families(Mr. Capulet and Montague) would pay with their lives
What does Romeo mean when he says in line 171, “Here’s much to do with hate, but more to do with love?” He loves Juliet more than he cares about the fued between their families.
How does Romeo describe love in lines 187? What does he mean by this? Romeo describes love as being purged and like a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes. He means that love is hard and painful even though it looks easy.
How old is Juliet? 14 years old
What is Paris asking Old Capulet? What is Capulet’s answer? He is asking if he can marry Juliet. Capulet says to wait 2 years because she is to young.
Who is Romeo in love with? What have Benvolio and Romeo decided to do to see her? What are the motives of each? Rosaline, they decided to go to Capulet’s party, they want to get her to like Romeo/compare and look at women
What problems do you think might arise from the crashing the Capulet’s party? This may make the fued between the families even worse.
How does Juliet’s demonstrate that she is dutiful daughter? Because her mother wants to get married, she doesn’t want to, she is willing to look at the man her mother want her to.
Who is Queen Mab? What does Mercutio think she has done to Romeo? She is the queen of fairyland.
In his speech starting on line 106, Romeo foreshadows that something terrible will happen at the party. Why does he continue to go? He continues to go because it’s upp to fate/stars/dreams to still go.
What happens to Romeo in line 53? He is discovered by Tybalt at the party.
What does Tybalt want to do when he discovers Romeo at the party? What does his Uncle Capulet have him do instead? Why? Tybalt wants to kill him, for Tybalt to leave him alone and ignore him, because he is a well-governed youth
What does Capulet’s reaction say about the feud? He doesn’t want a fued between the two families, he wants to live in peace.
What is Romeo’s reaction when he finds out that he just kissed Juliet, a Capulet? He is going to be killed if anyone finds out.
What is Juliet’s reaction when she discovers that Romeo is a Montague? She is upset about him being a Montague. Her grave will be like a wedding…she’ll die alone if she can’t have him.