Act two of The Tempest

Why is Alonso feeling depressed and sad? Alonso is grieving the supposed loss of his son Ferdinand.
How do Antonio and Sebastian react to Alonso’s depressed mood? Sebastian and Antonio are rude and insensitive to Alonso.
How does Adrian feel about the atmosphere of the island? Adrian feels that the island is uninhabitable, yet the air is sweet and the climate is temperate.
What is Adrian’s main dramatic purpose in this scene? Adrian acts as a foil to Antonio and Sebastian who are cynical and abusive.
What happened to the garments of the royal party during the storm at sea? Their garments were drenched but now they are as fresh as they were the day they put them in Africa.
Who was “Widow Dido”? “Widow Dido” alludes to Aeneas’ lover in Virgil’s The Aeneid.
Why does Alonso feel that he suffers a double loss? Alonso feels he has lost his daughter in marriage to a man in a distant country and has lost his son in the tempest at sea.
Why does Sebastian tell Alonso he has himself to blame for his son’s death? Sebastian is implying that Alonso forced his daughter to marry a foreigner, it was their trip to the wedding that caused his son’s death.
Who would manage Gonzalo’s ideal commonwealth? Gonzalo would be the king of the commonwealth.
How does Alonso feel about Gonzalo’s proposed commonwealth? Alonso does not want to hear about Gonzalo’s commonwealth.
How does Alonso feel about sleep? He wishes that when he would go to sleep and that he would forget about everything
What does Antonio do as soon as the king falls asleep? Antonio tries to persuade Sebastian to kill his brother.
In what way is Sebastian an heir to the throne? Claribel is now the Queen of Tunis and she lives to far from Naples to inherit the kingdom if her father dies.
How does Sebastian feel when Antonio suggests that Sebastian should be the future king? When he starts hearing Antonio’s plan he starts liking it and warming up to it.
How does Antonio feel about his conscience? He ends up dismissing his second thought. He doesn’t mind.
How does Antonio view the king’s position in the natural hierarchy or society’s law of degree? DON”T KNOW
Who has sent Ariel to stop the conspiracy? Why? His master Prospero sent him to warn Gonzalo that their king was in danger.
What is Prospero’s project? His project is for the king to go look for his son Ferdinand.
Why are Antonio and Sebastian caught with their swords drawn? Ariel ends up singing in Gonzalo’s ear saying that he should awake because something is going to happen to the king. He ends up awakenng and yelled “Preserve the King.”
What was Antonio and Sebastian’s excuse for drawing their swords? Sebastian ends up saying that they heard a loud noise that caused them to draw their swords.
What does Trinculo think he has discovered when he first meets Caliban? He does not know if Caliban is either a man or fish.
Where does Trinculo hide from the impending thunderstorm? He hides under Caliban’s cloak
How did Stephano arrive at the shore of the island? He escaped upon a butt of sack, which the sailors heaved overboard.
How did Trinculo get to the shore? He swam ashore.
What does Stephano think he has found when he runs across Caliban’s cloak with four legs protruding? A Four-legged monster with a fever.
How does Stephano’s wine affect Caliban? Caliban ends up getting drunk.
What does Caliban ask Stephano to be? DONT KNOW
What promises does Caliban make to Trinculo and Stephano? He promises them to lead them around and show them the isle.
What is the central idea in Caliban’s song? That he won’t be a servant anymore.
What does Trinculo think about Caliban’s worship of Stephano as his god? He sees him as the most ridiculous monster.