Act One of The Tempest

Who was in charge of the ship during the storm at sea? the boat master
Why did Alonso, the king, interfere with the Boatswain’s work in securing the ship during the storm? The king was accustomed to being the supreme authority
Where did the Boatswain tell the king and his courtiers to go? Into their cabins
Who were the first to go to their cabins below the top deck? Alonso and Ferdinand
What joke does Gonzalo tell concerning the Boatswain? Gonzalos joke was that Boatswain was born to be hanged and need not fear drowning.
How does this joke affect the rest of the passengers and crew? If the Boatswain does not drown, the rest of the passengers and crew will also be spared.
How do Sebastian and Antonio react to the Boatswain? They cursed Boatswain and called him names
How does the Boatswain respond to Sebastian’s and Antonio’s insulting remarks? Boatswain tells them to work then if they don’t like how he is handling the job.
How does Antonio decide to die in the storm at sea? He wants to sink into the sea with the king
How loyal is Sebastian to his brother, the king? Sebastian want to leave the king when he thinks the ship is sinking.
Why does Miranda ask her father to calm the storm at sea? Miranda knows that he has raised the tempest with his magic and he also has the power to calm the storm.
How does Prospero comfort Miranda’s fears about the suffering people on the ship? Prospero tells Miranda that there has been no harm done.
Does Miranda remember anything about her life before she came to the island? Miranda remembers that several women waited on her in Milan.
How old was Miranda when they arrived on the island? She wasn’t three yet
In what way did Antonio dispose of Prospero and Miranda after he had usurped his dukedom? Prospero and Miranda were put on a “rotten carcass of a butt” without a sail and left on the sea to drown.
Why did Antonio spare the lives of Prospero and Miranda? Prospero was well loved by his people and Antonio wanted to stay in their good graces as the new Duke of Milan.
Why did Antonio put Prospero and Miranda on an old boat without a sail? Antonio wanted their deaths to look like an accident.
Where did Prospero and Miranda get their supplies for the island? Gonzalo the king’s councilor felt sorry for them stocking their leaky vessel with water, food, clothing, and Prospero’s books.
Why did Prospero raise the storm at sea with his magic? It had been his good fortune to have his enemies arrive off the shore of the island, and this was his chance to regain his dukedom.
How long had Prospero and Miranda lived on the island? Prospero and Miranda had lived on the island for the past 12 years
What three elements of nature does Ariel represent in this scene? Air, water, and fire
How does Ariel “burn in many places” during the tempest? Ariel divides himself and becomes several fires on the ship during the tempest.
What did the passengers of the ship do when they were afraid of dying? All except the mariners plunged into the foaming sea
What did Ariel do with the passengers? Ariel brought the passengers to the shore, safe and umbelished, and dispersed them in groups around the island.
What did Ariel do with the mariners? Ariel put them to sleep and left them in the ship.
Where did he leave the ship? Was it damaged from the storm? Ariel left the ship in a deep inlet of the island. The ship was undamaged from the storm.
What does Ariel expect to get for all of his labors? Ariel expects Prospero to give his liberty in exchange for his services.
Why is Prospero angry at Ariel for requesting his freedom? Prospero reminds Ariel of the time he saved him from the curse of Sycorax, and now he feels that Ariel owes him his services.
Where did the “foul witch Sycorax” imprison Ariel? Sycorax imprisoned Ariel in a “Cloven pine”
Why was Ariel left imprisoned for 12 years? Ariel was left in the “cloven pine” because the old witch, Sycorax, had died in the meantime.
Who were the parents of Caliban? The witch Sycorax and according to Prospero, the devil himself
What did Prospero do for Caliban when he first came to the island? Prospero treated Caliban with kindness, teaching him language and lodging him in his own cell.
How did Caliban respond to Prospero’s treatment of him? Caliban learned to love Prospero and showed him where to find fresh water and fertile soil
Why does Caliban feel that he owns the island? Caliban feels that he was inherited the island from his mother Sycorax.
What happened when Prospero took Caliban into his own lodging? Caliban attempted to rape Prospero’s daughter, Miranda, after they took him into their lodging.
What does Prospero do to punish Caliban for his behavior? Prospero imprisoned Caliban in a rock, made him do hard labor, and prevented him from seeing the rest of the island.
How has Caliban benefited from learning a language? He is now saying that he now knows how to curse
How is Caliban described in the “Names of the Actors”? He is described as a savage and deformed slave
What does Prospero threaten to do to Caliban if he does not obey him? Prospero threatens to give him painful cramps and aching bones.
Why does Caliban finally decide to obey Prospero? Caliban obeys because Prospero’s art of magic has the power to control even his mother’s god, Setebos
Who sings the two songs in this part of the play? Ariel
Who helps Ariel with the dance in “Come Unto These Yellow Sands”? Ariel’s invisible attendant spirits help him with the dance.
From where does Ferdinand think the music is coming from? Ferdinand thinks the music comes from some god of the island.
According to the song, what has happened to Ferdinand’s father? His father has supposedly drowned and now suffers a sea change
What is Miranda’s first impression of Ferdinand? She thinks he is a spirit when she first sees him.
What is Ferdinand’s first impression of Miranda? He thinks Miranda is the goddess who has led him onto the shore with her music.
What is Prospero’s false accusation of Ferdinand? Prospero accuses Ferdinand of coming to the island as a spy so that he could become lord of the island.
Why does Prospero accuse Ferdinand falsely? Prospero falsley accuses Ferdinand because he wants to slow the fast progress of the romantic love between the young couple.
What is Alonso’s sea-change? Alonso’s body is supposedly lying at the bottom of the sea where each part of it is transformed into a rich sea substance.
Name one way in which music assists the dramatic action of the play? Music assists the dramatic action of the play by leading Ferdinand onto the island.