Act 4-5 quiz: Romeo and Juliet

What reason does Capulet give Paris for rushing the wedding? She is grieving for Tybalt
Do you think Capulet is telling Paris the truth? No
Compare the Banter between Juliet and Paris to that of Juliet and Romeo. Paris seems controlling to Juliet. Juliet and Paris don’t have a romantic relationship and they lie. Juliet and Romeo are open to each other and they tell the truth.
Towards the end of Act 4 Scene 1, Friar gives a long speech. What is the speech called? Monologue
Paraphrase Friar Lawrence’s speech in Act 4 Scene 1. He is going to give Juliet a viel of potion that will put her in a deep sleep for 48 hours. It will make her look dead so she won’t have to marry Paris.
What is Capulet’s expectation for the dynamic between parent and child? He expects a child to do everything he says on his own time and he expects them to obey him at all times.
Analyze Juliet’s behavior during Act 4 Scene 2. What is her motive for her behavior toward her father? So she can see Romeo.
What day is it? (Refer to what Friar Lawrence said during his speech in Act 4 Scene 1. Tuesday
What does Capulet mean when he says, “I’ll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning” and “we’ll to church tomorrow.” What does this say about the character? He is so happy he decided to move it up a day
In Act 4 Scene 3, Juliet has a long speech. What is this speech called? Soliloquy
Paraphrase Juliet’s speech She is talking about the pros and cons of the potion
What are some thoughts/ fears, questions/doubts Juliet expresses in her speech? She was afraid she was going to get stuck in the tomb. What is the potion was poison?
How does Juliet personify death in her speech? “as in a vault, an ancient receptacle, where for this many hundred years the bones of all my buried ancestors are packed”
Why do you think Juliet hasn’t asked the nurse for help in executing her and Friar Lawrence’s plan? She might tell or go against her. She doesn’t trust her anymore
Evaluate Juliet’s decision. What are some pros and cons about what she is doing? Pro- she won’t have to worry about life and she won’t have to marry Paris. Con- It could be poison and she could die.
What is happening during Act 4 Scene 4? They are getting supplies and preparing for the wedding
During Act 4: 4, what is Capulet doing that is out of character for him? doing housewife duties
Who discovers Juliet’s dead body? Nurse
How does Capulet describe her physical condition? “her blood is settled, and her joints are stiff””life and these lips have long been separated”
How does Capulet personify death? “hath death lain with thy wife, there she lies, flower as she was, deflowered by him”
What decisions does Capulet make immediately following his learning about Juliet’s death? He is using the wedding decorations for the funeral
Analyze Capulets character. Think about how he has behaved during the last 4 acts of the play. What do you think about him? Capulet is a selfish, arbitrary character. Less hostile in scene 4-5. He has a tough love for his daughter.
What is the mood like in Act 4:5 when Peter is talking to the musicians?a. What drama term is being used here?b. Is this effective? Comic relief no
How does Romeo respond to learning about Juliet’s death? “then I defy you stars”
What does Romeo decide to do? To go to Verona to see Juliet
Describe the apothecary’s house poor begger’s shop , empty boxes, musty seeds
Why does the apothecary sell Romeo the poison? he’s really poor
How does Act 5:1 serve as a commentary on society and poverty? you are not giving me poison, my money is poison
In Act 5:2, what is the consequence for Friar John failing to deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter? Romeo thinks she really is dead
What does Friar Lawrence decide to do to help this potentially dangerous situation? Get a crow bar and get Juliet out of the tomb
Who is at the Capulet monument when Romeo arrives? Paris
Analyze Paris’s emotion in the beginning of the scene. How do you think he feels about Juliet’s death? He loves her and professes his love to her
What is one word to describe Romeo’s emotional state when he is talking to his friend, Balthazar? unstable, demanding
What happen between Romeo and Paris?a. What does Paris ask Romeo to do for him?b. Does Romeo comply? They fighta. put him in the tomb with Juliet b. yes
Romeo has a long speech directly after his and Paris’s encounter. What is this speech called? How do you know? Soliloquy- he tells his thoughts
What examples of dramatic irony do we encounter in this scene? Juliet is not really dead
What offer does Friar Lawrence make to Juliet? to become a nun
What does Juliet say right before she dies? “This is thy sheath, there rush, and let me die”
How to the Capulets react to what happened? “it should have been on the Montagues back”
How do the Montagues react to what happened? He thinks he should die before Romeo. He thinks Romeo killed himself.
What will the families do to honor their children? Statues
How does he punish those responsible? “There dead so that’s your punishment”