act 4 & 5 of romeo and juliet quiz

marrying juliet on thursday what news is paris discussing with friar laurence?
horrified how does she friar react?
she’s grieving too much over tybalts death according to paris, why is capulet pushing his daughter to marry so quickly?
get her out of the marriage she is gonna kill herself what does juliet ask of friar laurence? what does she threaten to do if he can’t come through for her?
wednesday night on what day does the friar tell juliet to take the potion?
make her appear to be dead what will happen to juliet when she takes the drug?
send a letteron friday night how is romeo to be told of this plan?when is he to watch juliet wake and take her to mantua?
changes the wedding to wednesday after juliet asks her father’s pardon, what does lord capulet do?
throws everything off a day how will this new wedding date affect the timing of the friar’s plans?
she has to be alone to drink the potion why does juliet dismiss both the nurse and her mother from her chamber?
it will poison her & when she wakes up she will be alone juliets 2 worst fears about the potion the friar has given her
he will be punished what explanation does juliet offer last to why the friar doesn’t simply tell the capulets and the montagues that romeo and juliet are already married?
she will wake up before anyone gets there what other fears does juliet express in her solilquy (30-54)?
stab herself what will juliet do if the potion doesn’t work?
tybalt will try to give revenge on her for marrying romeo why might juliet fear a visit from tybalts ghost?
a wedding what preparations are being made in this scene
its actually for a funeral the irony surrounding these preparations?
she had just said she wished juliet was dead what is ironic about lady capulets reaction to her daughters death?
to play his part so they don’t know he already knew she was ‘dead’ why does friar laurence ask if juliet is ready to go to the church when he already knows she’s “dead “
she’s dead what does lord capulet mean when he answers the friar ” ready to go, but never to return “?
she’s in heaven what consolation does the friar offer the capulets?
she’s mich happier in heaven than she’d ever be in earth why does the friar say that reason tells the capulets to be merry about death?
he’s about To diehis death what is ironic about romeo’s dream?what event does the dream foreshadow?
juliet is dead what news does balthasar bring romeo?
kill himself how does romeo plan to defy the stars?
that everything is taken care of what letter from the friar is romeo waiting for?
kill himself with poison what does romeo immediately set out to do?
plunges into it does he hesitate his action?? or jump into it?
he needs money for food why might the apothecary be willing to sell the illegal poison to romeo?
hes starving what argument does romeo offer to the apothecary when he seems reluctant to sell?
gold what “poison” has romeo “sold” the apothecary?
his love will be restored when he’s back with juliet why does romeo call the poison a cordinal?
the plague was a big fear why was friar john unable to deliver friar laurence’s letter to romeo?
laurence has to break in and give romeo another letter what changes to the original plan does friar laurence now make?
give her flowers why is paris at juliet’s grave?
lay under the u-tree and listen for hoof beats what instruction does he give his servants?
romeo who appears at the tomb?
to get a ring off of juliet what excuse does romeo give his servant?
he will kill him how does romeo make sure that balthasar will not interrupt him ?
the tomb doorhimself what is romeo talking about in lines 45-48?what ” food” is he going to feed this ” maw” ?
arrest him what does paris attempt to do when realizes who the intruder is?
romeo kills him what happens to paris?
put him in the tomb w julietyes what final request does paris make?does romeo carry it out?
she has color to her face where does romeo see life in juliet?
when romeo drinks poison with what action does the climax of the play begin?
laurence who comes to the tomb as romeo drinks the poison?
they’re all dead what does the friar discover as he enters the tomb?