Act 3 of Macbeth

27. In Scene 1, how does Macbeth react to success? He was continually worrying and wanted more. He wasn’t satisfied.
29. In Scene 2, is Lady Macbeth happy with her new position Lady Macbeth, like her husband, cannot enjoy her role as the queen of Scotland because she knows they have gotten the throne by killing the good king.
33. How does Banquo react to the attack He tells his son to leave and avenge his death.
34. What is the importance of Fleance’s escape? The witches prophecy can still come true.
35. How does Macbeth delude himself in scene 4? He believes if Banquo and Flenace are dead that he can stop worrying and his position is safe.
36. What is the importance of Banquo’s ghost? It is important because it is to let others see that Macbeth is falling apart. Shakespeare uses him to remind him of what he did and give him guilt.
37. How does Lady Macbeth respond to Macbeth’s outburst? She tells the people that he is having a fit and he has had this condition since he was a child and it will be over soon.
38. What is revealed about conditions in Scotland? It is in a state of Anarchy, Macbeth is a tyrant. Who is concerned only with his throne. So this really means there is no king ruling, so no laws are enforced. Also they are low on food.
39. What is the purpose of Hecate’s interview with the witches? She is mad that they played with Macbeth’s future without her knowledge, and tells them to make it right. she tells them to tell Macbeth false things to make him fell unbeatable.
40. What is the purpose of Scene 6? Lennox and others believe Macbeth is responsible for the murders of Duncan and Banquo. He calls him a tyrant. To let the reader know that the Lords and Thanes realize that Macbeth has a say in everything. Macduff went to England to make an Army and to take over Scotland.