Act 3 of Macbeth

What is Banquo’s attitude toward Macbeth at the beginning of this act? He is suspicious of Macbeth
How does Macbeth refer to Banquo? chief guest
Where does Banquo plan to go with Fleance? Banquo planned to go on a ride away from the castle with Fleance
What have Duncan’s sons not confessed to? killing Duncan
Why must a Macbeth have Banquo and Fleance killed? Macbeth is afraid of Banquo and doesn’t want Fleance to be king
Who will stop the murderers from being successful? Fleance
What does Macbeth want the murderers to do to Banquo? Macbeth wants to murderers to kill Banquo
What does Macbeth compare men to? dogs
What must the men do? WHY COULDNT I FIND AN ANSWER
How does Macbeth convince the murderers that they must be men? questioning their manliness????
Macbeth convinces the murderers that Banquo was their _____? enemy
What reason does Macbeth give for not killing Banquo himself? He is king and has authority to give others orders. He wants to keep suspicion off of himself
Where is the murder to take place? outside of the castle
Why? to keep things quiet and avoid suspicion???
Lady Macbeth says that Macbeth should stop thinking about what he has done. Why? “What’s done is done.”
Macbeth replies that they have only gashed the snake, not what? “We have scorched the snake, not killed it.”
What has been shaking Macbeth and his wife nightly? terrible dreams
Why does Macbeth almost envy Duncan? Because he is dead, he doesn’t have to deal with anything anymore. “After life’s fitful fever, he sleeps well.”
Their faces must be what of their hearts? vizards.
What is Macbeth’s mind full of? scorpions
Macbeth tells his wife there is to be a deed of dreadful night. When she asks what it is, what does he reply? He isn’t going to tell her so she will be innocent. “Be innocent of knowledge.” He is basically protecting her.
What does Macbeth call on to cancel the bond the witches gave Banquo? His hand.
Night is associated with? Night is associated with evil, death, and sleep.
How many murderers are there? 3
How are the murderers bungled? One of them puts the light of the torch out????
What happens to Fleance? He flees
How were the noblemen seated at the banquet table? by rank, or degree
What does Macbeth observe about the murderer at the door? The blood on the murderer’s face
How does Macbeth react to the news of Fleance’s escape? He reacts with fear
What have the murderers done to Banquo? stabbed him 20 times in the head and put him in a ditch
At the mention of Banquo’s name, what appears? Banquo’s ghost
Who is sitting in Macbeth’s place? Banquo’s ghost
What is Macbeth’s reaction? He almost confesses due to his guilt
What does Macbeth say to the ghost? “Never shake thy gory locks at me”
What excuse does Lady Macbeth make for Macbeth’s actions? She says he is not well
Macbeth says the ghost and the dagger are what? Just in Macbeth’s head (his imagination)
Lady Macbeth says his imaginary stories would make good material for what? a grandma’s stories at the fire
What would men do when their brains were out? They would die when their brains were out
What do the dead return to do? “push us from our stools” or haunt them instead of just being dead???
How does Macbeth explain his behavior? He said he has a strange disorder “I have a strange infirmity”
Macbeth makes a mistake which causes the ghost to return, what is it? He calls Banquo’s name
What 4 things would Macbeth fight? a bear, rhinoceros, a tiger and Banquo
The ghost exits and Macbeth tries to recapture the joy of the banquet. What does he tell Lady Macbeth? He is a man again
Why is Lady Macbeth forced to dismiss the guests hurriedly? Macbeth begins to act/get crazier
What speech does Macbeth make which foreshadows that more murders will occur? Lennox’s soliloquy
Who refused to come to the palace? Macduff
How will Macbeth find out what Macbeth is doing? servants
Whom does Macbeth plan to meet early the next morning? the witches
What does Lady Macbeth say will solve all of Macbeth’s problems? sleep
What literary device is this? dramatic irony, Macbeth will never sleep again???
Why was Hecate angry with the other witches? They excluded her in the events with Macbeth
What does Hecate say is mortal’s chiefest enemy? security
Who is suspicious of Macbeth in scene 6? Lennox
A lord tells Lennox that Malcom has been received in the court of whom? Edward the confessor
Where has Macduff gone and why? To England to join Malcom and ask Edward for help in Scotland.