Act 1 “Othello” Vocabulary Sentences

bombast (n) In order for me to stand-out, he advised me to place a bombast tone
bombastic (adj) The bombastic child was silenced after losing to the inferior group.
dote (vb) She doted Peter to a point where she could not function without him.
obsequious (adj) The obsequious girl paid careful attention and learnt all your ways.
timorous (adj) The boys did not listen to you because you used a timorous tone with them.
profane (adj) It is unacceptable to read profane books like those in church.
courser (n) Matthew was very excited to ride on the courser.
iniquity (n) I apologize for showing iniquity to you.
contrive (vb) We need to contrive a way to appease the president.
corrigible (adj) The corrigible water can turn from green to blue intermittently.
galleon (n) The boys boarded the galleon and started their lives as Paul’s apprentices.
carrack (n) The carrack ship was used in Europe during the medieval ages.
feat (n) Peter and Paul’s showed a great deal of feat when spreading the gospel of Christ.
pertain (vb) World War 1 and World War 2 are wars that pertain to Europe’s economic depression.
carnal (adj) Michael’s carnal lips moved in a way that drew all the women to his attention.
pliant (adj) The pliant girl finally stood up to the bullies and did not do as they pleased.
beseech (vb) I beseech you to go to the party with me.
alacrity (n) I cooked the meal with alacrity after learning that the girl had not eaten for about a month.
scant (adj) The scant rice was not enough to feed the multitudes.
saucy (adj) If Grace does not change her saucy attitude towards the police, she may end up in jail.