A Timeline of Events: Romeo And Juliet (Plot Events)

Act 1 Scene 1 fight breaks out, Romeo talks about Rosaline
Act 1 Scene 2 Paris asks for hand in marriage, Romeo finds out about party
Act 1 Scene 2, 3, 4, and 5 Juliet knows about marriage to Paris, Juliet meets Romeo
Act 2 Scene 2 Balcony scene, Romeo and Juliet declare their love for one another
Act 2 Scene 3, 4 and 5 Romeo arranges wedding plans for himself and Juliet with the Friar, Romeo meets with the nurse and the nurse tells Juliet
Act 2 Scene 6 Romeo and Juliet get married
Act 3 Scene 1 big fight, Mercutio and Tybalt died, Prince banishes Romeo
Act 3 Scene 2 and 3 Juliet finds out the news that Romeo is banished, Friar comes up with his master plan
Act 3 Scene 4 Lord Capulet agrees to let Paris marry his daughter, Romeo and Juliet have a wedding night and say their last goodbyes
Act 3 Scene 5 Juliet is confirmed to marring Paris
Act 4 Scene 1 Paris is arranging marriage, Juliet and the Friar come up with a solution
Act 4 Scene 2 Juliet agrees to marrying Paris
Act 4 Scene 3 Juliet takes sleeping potion
Act 4 Scene 4 and 5 Last minute wedding plans, Juliet is “dead”
Act 5 Scene 1 Romeo receives news that Juliet is dead, buts posion
Act 5 Scene 2 Friar finds out that his message was not sent to Romeo
Act 5 Scene 3 Romeo kills Paris, Romeo kills himself, Juliet kills herself after seeing everyone dead, everybody finds out the truth and the two families make up