A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quiz #2

Do Oberon and Titania only disagree about the possession of the Indian Boy? True/False False
Oberon is the first speaker in the play. True/False False
Egeus is the highest ranking person in the play. True/False False
Theseus is a warrior and a duke. True/False True
The actors express concern about being hanged. True/False True
Agitprops contribute to humour in the play. True/False False
Flute protests about his part. True/False True
Tom Snout will play moonshine. True/False False
Bottom is shy. True/False False
Snout suggests including a prologue. True/False False
Love in idleness is a flower
who experiences a scary dream hermia
who is a member of the amazons hippolyta
who has an aunt outside of Athens Lysander
which object is associated with the occupation of a joiner stairs
which two characters have definitely known each other for a long time hermia and helena
how many choices does theseus give hermia 3
the character we feel the greatest amount of sympathy for in the opening scene is hermia
In what year was Shakespeare born 1564
In what year did he die 1616
in what town in england was he born stratford-upon-avon
name the three genres of his plays comedy, tragedy, history
Hamlet belongs to which category of his plays tragedy
name a tragedy otherwise than hamlet othello
what is the collective name of the labourers who will perform for the duke and duchess the rude mechanicals
who is the carpenter and the narrator peter quince
who plays the leading male role in Pyramus and Thisbe nick bottom
what is the occupation of nick bottom weaver
who will play the role of the lion snug
in order, who are the first two to receive the love potion Lysander, titania
who is Peaseblossom titania’s fairy
who is accused of having magical powers but doesn’t Lysander
who is nedar’s daughter helena