A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Dance of the Clowns

Where and what period was Mendelssohn born in? Germany, Romantic Period
When was Mendelssohn born? 1809
When did Mendelssohn die? 1847
Who was his sister friends with? Charles Gounod
What composer is Mendelssohn credited with bringing his music back? Bach
At what age and from what did Mendelssohn die? 38, stroke
Who wrote a Midsummers Night Dream and when? William Shakespeare, 1596
What is the story about? a couple who run off to an enchanted forest where they encounter fairies, goblins, and magic
When did he compose the overture? 1826
How long after he composed the overture did he compose the rest? 16
Who is the King of the fairies in a Midsummers Night Dream? Oberon