A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 4

Is Bottom as an ass any different than Bottom as a donkey? There are little differences because even as a man, Bottom is constantly making a fool of himself in almost everything he does.
What has happened to the changeling child? The changeling child is transferred to the custody of Oberon while Titania is under the influence of the love potion.
Once her vision has been cleared, what is Titania’s response to Bottom? She is surprised as to why she is sleeping next to a man with a donkey’s head.
What happens when Theseus, Hippolyta, and the others are out on a hunt? Theseus asks is today should be the day that Hermia makes her decision of which man she will marry. Egeus is eager to declare that it is. They find the lovers and the men tell them who they truly love.
What happens to Egeus’ complaint against Hermia? It turns invalid as Demetrius declares that he is truly in love with Helena.
How does Demetrius explain the return of his love to Helena? He describes his love for Helena as a bear that returns to its favorite bee hive for honey.
What will happen to the lovers? The four lovers will all end up with the one they truly love.
How does Bottom describe the events when he wakes? He describes the events as an irrational dream or vision.
Why are the other actors happy to see Bottom return? They were now able to put on the play for the wedding festivities. Without Bottom, the play would go without Pyramus, one of the main characters.
What is the effect of mentioning a large pension for Bottom? Even though Bottom was a fool, he could be able to live a comfortable life. They believed Bottom to be a very hard worker and that he deserved the money.