A Midsummer Night’s Dream ACT 2 vocabulary

Auditor- (noun) a hearer or listener; a member of an audience.
Auditor synonyms- monitor
Chronicled- (verb) wrote down in sequence of events.
Chronicled synonyms- reporting
Confounding- (noun, verb) causing confusion; bewildering.
Confounding antonyms- clear, discernible
Auditor part of speech- Noun
Chronicled part of speech- Verb
Confounding part of speech- Verb & Noun
Derision- (Noun) contempt and mockery.
Derision synonyms- insult, disrespect, ridicule.
Derision part of speech- Noun
Disparage- (Verb) to lower rank or reputation; to criticize.
Disparage synonym- Verb
Disparage part of speech- Verb
Enamored- (adjective) charmed, fascinated, or captivated by somebody or something.
Enamored synonyms- In love
Enamored part of speech- Adjective
Jangling- (verb & noun) a disagreement; quarrel.
Jangling synonyms- Hullabaloo, uproar
Jangling part of speech- (verb & noun)
Loam- (noun) a mixture of moist clay and sand used for making bricks and plaster.
Loam synonyms- clay
Loam part of speech- noun
Officious- (adjective) eager to give unwanted help of or advice; meddlesome.
Officious synonyms- meddlesome
Officious part of speech- adjective
Proverb- (noun) a short saying that offers advice or teaches a principle.
Proverb synonyms- Adage
Proverb part of speech- Noun
Recreant- (adjective & noun) one who is disloyal to a cause or duty.
Recreant synonyms- Coward, unfaithful.
Welkin- (noun) the sky, heaven, or air.
Welkin part of speech- Noun
Wonted- (Adjective) usual; typical.
Wonted part of speech- Adjective
Wend- (Verb) to proceed along a course or route; travel.
Wend synonyms- Meander, saunter
Wend part of speech- Adjective