A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1 Scene 1-2

Who will Theseus(Duke of Athens) Marry in Four days? Hyppolyta (Queen of Amazon)
How did Theseus win his bride’s hand in marriage? He beats her in a fight
Why is Egeus upset with daughter He wants her to marry Demetrius, Hermia wants to marry Lysander
What does Egeus threaten to do to Hermia if she won’t obey him? Kill her
What are Hermia’s three option? Die, Marry Demetrius, Never marry (nun)
What are two hurdles Lysander says people in love often face? Difference in blood, Age, war, friend choose your partner
What does Hermia suggest she and Lysander do? Be patient
What is Lysander’s plan to allow them to be together? To get married at his aunts house in the woods.
What does Hermia mean when she says ” Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and is therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”? When your in love it comes from the heart. There is no formula for love.
What does Helena plan to do to win Demetrius back? Tell Demetrius that Hermia is running away with Lysander and where they are gonna meet at.
What is Quince organizing? He is organizing a play
What reason does flute give for being unable to play the part of Thisbe? He is growing a beard.
What Elizabethan stage conversation is being followed by having Flute play with part of Thisbe? All men have to play women roles.
What does Bottom keep trying to do? He try’s to play all the roles
What does Quince want to troupe to rehearse in the woods? He wants to have privacy
Discussion Question: What do you think Shakespeare sets the action of the play in the woods? (answer in paragraph) Location changes everything. The woods ate Shakespeare Vegas (Outside of the village in the woods there are no rules, Carless and be free)