A midsummer nights dream act 1-2

How does Theseus feel about the wedding? He is impatient for desire not love and believes that the wedding is coming up slowly
How does Hippolyta feel about the wedding? She shows apprehension and believes that the wedding is coming too fast
Why is Egeus angry with his daughter? He believes that Lysander is manipulating Hermia and he wants her to be with Demetrious
How does Theseus feel about the situation between Hermia and her father? He tells her Mia she needs to listen to her father and follow the law otherwise she faces death, being forever alone, or becoming a nun. No one wants to be alone so she should follow her father’s wishes and pick Demetrius
How does Lysander defend his right to marry Hermia? He is as deserving as Demetrius of Hermia if not more. Demetrious has Helena and is a hoe
How does Hermia feel about the situation? There always hardships in a relationship and this is just another that is testing their patience
What allusions are significant in Hermia’s vow speech? They are all allusions to Greek mythology to show her promise to Lysander is faithful
What sort of leader is Theseus? He cares a lot about the norms, rules, and laws
Is Egeus justified in being angry with his daughter? Yes, it is against the law to disobey your father or significant other as a woman
Why is Helena envious of Hermia? Her Mia is attracting Demetrious without any effort while Helena tries and cannot receive his love
What is Helen’s plan to tell Demetrius about Hermia and Lysander’s plans? She believes that Demetrius will follow them into the woods and she would earn his respect and that is all she wants
Why must thisbe played by a man? Women did not act so men played their parts flute is scrawny and most ladylike
What is Bottoms own opinion of his acting ability? He thinks he is an incredible actor and can take on many roles in the play
Why are Oberon and Titania fighting? Titania wants the Indian boy to care for him but Oberon wants him as a knight/henchmen
What image does Puck used to show the fairy how bad the feelings are between Oberon and Titania?
List the ways robin interact with humans He likes to prank them and he doesn’t view them as equals but as entertainment
Why does Titania want to keep the child? The boys mom was honorable to titania and died while birthing him
Why does Oberon want “love – in – Idleness”? What is its history? Love-in-idleness is The flower that will make titania fall in love with an animal so that he can blackmail her into giving him the boy. The flower was shot with cupids bow and is now magical like the arrow
What is the tone of Demetrious is for speech? What is the pun? He talks lovingly about Hermia while turning down Helena. He says
What does Helena compare herself to while talking to Demetrius? His dog and tells him he can use her because she is not worthy of him
What is the fight between Helena and Demetrius about? Demetrius wants her gone forever but Helena continues to pursue him.
Who overheard the fight between Helena and Demetrius? What does he do to resolve it? Oberon wants to make Demetrius for Helena using the flower
What time does Lysander use to speak to Hermia? He speaks kindly and comforts Hermia
How does Helena compare herself to Hermia? She believes she is not as good and all she wants is Demetrius’ love
What is the meaning of “change a raven for a dove”? It is used to compare Hermia to a raven and Helena to a dove, dark versus light, it is logical choose her over Hermia
What is Helen’s reaction to Lysander’s love? She believes Lysander is mocking her
In what way is Hermia’s dream true? Hermia dreams that if she cannot find Lysander he is dead. Lysander no longer loves her Mia so he is “dead”
What is the irony of Hermia’s dream? Earlier, Lysander says that the day he no longer loves Hermia he is dead. Hermia cannot find him and wonders if he is dead.
What is true about the Lysander and Hermia, Demetrius and Helena? They are all chasing something they do not or cannot have
theseus duke of athens
hippolyta queen of amazons, engaged to theseus
philostrate master of revels, organize entertainment for the wedding
egeus father of hermia
hermia in love with lysander, is short
helena friend to hermia, in love with demetrius, tall and willowy
demetruis in love with hermia and favored by egeus. gave his affection to helena recently, looks a bit like lysander
lysander in love with hermia, who returns his love. equal in social standing to demetrius and looks somewhat like him
oberon King of caries, uses magic to ensure everyone ends up with a proper mate. Married to Titania
titania queen of the fairies, quarreling with Oberon over a young Indian boy
puck robin goodfellow, fairy assistant to Oberon, enjoys prancing humans
Peter quince Carpenter, director of group and delivers prologue to the play
Nick Bottom Weaver, will play pyramus in the play, full of himself
Tom Snout a tinker, plays role of the wall
Robin Starveling A tailor who plays moonshine in the show
Frances flute Will play Thisbe because he is younger and smaller, a bellows mender
pleasebottom, cobweb, moth, mustardseed fairy attendants to titania