A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dramatic irony occurs when Bottom is transformed because He does not realize he has changed
“Lord, what fools these mortals be!” focuses on the theme of blind love
“The course of love never did run smooth” can be applied to all of the following couples EXCEPT Oberon and Titania
“I am your spaniel…” the speaker of this quote is Helena
“I am your spaniel…” this quote most closely relates to the play’s theme of blind love
Explain what the moon symbolizes in the following passage: “And then the moon, like a silver bow New bent in Heaven, shall behold the night Of our solemnities” Hippolyta and Theseus, it shows the start of their new love as husband and wife; the moon symbolizes a waxing love
dramatic irony in “Write me a prologue…” The mechanicals are worried that Bottom stabbing himself is too violent, so he suggests they write a prologue to tell the audience not to worry and he is just acting, but they already know that he is acting
dramatic irony in “I pray thee…” Titania has woken up and completely fallen in love with Bottom (who has the head of an ass) and she doesn’t know that she is under the spell
Explain how the setting in the third act becomes increasingly illustrative of the play’s title, tone, and theme The theme of the third act that the setting portrays is illusion vs. reality. As they go further into the forest, the more dreamlike it gets and the characters are unable to tell what is a dream and what is reality. The tone becomes confused, dreamlike, and mystical as they go deeper into the forest with the fairies and as the conflicts occur
Know the seven elements to a Shakespearean comedy 1. Happy ending that usually includes a wedding- The two young couples are sorted out; them as well as Hippolyta and Theseus are wed.2. Use of various styles of comedy- Puck plays a practical joke on Bottom, Oberon plays a practical joke on Titania, malapropisms are used throughout with the mechanicals.3. Young lovers struggling to overcome obstacles- Helena loves Demetrius, Demitrius and Lysander love Hermia, Helena is jealous of Hermia, Egues threatenes to kill Hermia if she chooses to be with Lysander4. Mistaken identity- Bottom is turned into a donkey, Puck puts a spell on the wrong Athenian 5. Multiple intertwining plots- plot of the mechanical’s play crosses over with the plot of the young lovers who get married, Hippolyta and Theseus are married with the young couples, the fairies are in the plot of the young couples and the mechanicals6. use of stock characters- main stock character is Bottom who is the fool7. 5 acts with climax occurring in Act 3-Titania and Bottom Plot she gives up the boy and the spell is reversed, Demetrius and Lysander Plot they are put under a spell and fall in love with Helena
Hermia and Helena as dramatic foils Hermia is the one that most of the men seem to go for, so she is confident in herself. Helena is envious and harsh, when the men fall in love with her she thinks it must be them trying to mock her. Hermia is very independent she stands up to her father; she is also very levelheaded about it. Helena seems to think that she needs a man to be happy, she is lovesick and irrational. Hermia has a positive attitude ( Thinks her plan to marry Lysander will work out, she doesn’t whine when Lysander is under the spell.) Helena has a negative attitude (spends time whining about Hermia’s beauty even though the two are equal, thinks the others are ganging up on her.) Hermia stays loyal to Helena and Lysander, while Helena is a betreyal to her friendship with Hermia when she tattles to Demetrius.