World Lit — As You Like It Whole Book Test

“All the world’s a stage, /And all the men and women merely players; /They have their exits and their entrances,/And one man in his time plays many parts, /His acts being seven ages.” (II, vii, 139-143) Jaques
“When I did hear /The motley fool thus moral on the time, /My lungs began to crow like chanticleer /That fools should be so deep contemplative….” (II, vii, 28-31) Jaques
“Tis a greek invocation, to call fools to a circle.” (II, v, 52-53) Jaques
“We that are true lovers run into strange capers; but as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly.”(II, iv, 48-50) Touchstone
“Thou art not for the fashion of these times, /When none will sweat but for promotion, /And having that, do choke their service up /Even with the having….” (II, iii, 60-63) he valued his job more than the money – loyalty and hard work Orlando
“And yet it irks me the poor dappled fools,/ Being native burghers of the this desert city,/ Should in their own confines with forked heads/ Have their round haunches gored.” (II, i, 22-25) Duke Senior
“Are not these woods /More free from peril than the envious court?” (II, i, 3-4) Duke Senior
How is life different in the Forest of Arden from the Court? Do you think the life in the woods is better and why? Or would you prefer to live in the court and why? (Quote 1) Life in Arden has less structure because so many people have been banished their and the court has a lot of rules and people who are constantly watching. I think the woods are better because people have more freedom and can make more decisions but, it’s a lot colder and food is scarce. I don’t know where i’d rather live because, the court is controlling but, the forest has no food and is brutally cold. Duke Senior says its cooler and sweeter. And he things everyone in the court is fake
How do the woods change with the arrival of the Duke and his lords? How do they disturb nature? Is this right or wrong? (Quote 2) (scene 1) The woods haven’t really changed with the arrival except for the fact that a kingdom is basically being created. Hey kind of destroy nature obviously they are killing a ton of wildlife but, they still have snakes and lions and such. I don’t think it is either right or wrong, it just is what it is. They built houses and shoot deer but jaques doesn’t like it – the deer killing.
How does Adam characterize the plan of Oliver to harm his brother? How is Adam’s behavior towards Orlando used as a contrast to Oliver’s? What is Shakespeare telling us about the right order of relationships? (Quote 3) He says “Oliver is plotting to kill him by burning down Orlando’s lodgings with Orlando inside during the night.” This shows the failures of the plan and how Adam doesnt like oliver. To get out of there they are gonna go to the forest but, he has money so ya.
What are the characteristics of romantic love? How does Silvius identify himself as a romantic lover? When is love fool-ish? When is love true? They have foolish actions and have a separation and have hardships. He is always away from Phebe and they are both from the lower class. It’s foolish when its purely physical. It’s true when the connection is so great they can’t stand to be apart. Intense concentration, leads to madness and poor health, based on a fantasy, hero grows. He remebers everything hes done
Is Rosalind truly in love with Orlando? What is her love based on? Is Orlando truly in love with Rosalind? Yes because, she is willing to teach him about love while she is dressed as a boy. Her love is based on the idea of them marrying each other because they love each other. Orlando is truly in love with Rosalind because, even when she is dressed as a guy, he still has a connection to her. – love at the first site
What are the seven ages of man described by Jacques in his speech? Is this description still relevant or how else should the stages of life be described? What stages has the average high school student gone through? Infant, schoolboy, lover/teen, soldier/young man, justice/middle age, pantaloon/oldman and old age/death. I think they are still somewhat relevant but I think the spans are longer and they could also just be described as the decade (30’s, 40’s, 50’s). The average high school student has gone through infant and schoolboy.
Why does the Duke offer food to Orlando? If he is not impressed with Orlando’s show of force, what does move him to be generous to Orlando? He understand that this guy is desperate and must have been kicked out to if he is willing to pull a sword/desperate
“O Rosalind! These trees shall be my books,And in their barks my thoughts I’ll character,That every eye which in this forest looksShall see thy virtue witnessed everywhere.” (III, ii, 5-8) Orlando when he is carving
“Time travels in divers paces with divers persons. I’ll tell you who Time ambles withal, who Time trots withal, who Time gallops withal, and who he stands still withal.” (III, ii, 304-307) Rosiland when she is talking to Orlando about love
“Love is merely a madness, and…deserves as well a darkhouse and a whip as madmen do; and the reason why they arenot so punished and cured is that the lunacy is so ordinarythat the whippers are in love too.” (III, ii, 391-395) Rosiland when she says she can get the love out of him
“Thou tell’st me there is murder in mine eye:`Tis pretty, sure, and very probableThat eyes, that are the frail’st and softest things,Who shut their coward gates on atomies,Should be called tyrants, butchers, murderers.” (III, v, 10-14) Phoebe when she is talking to Silvius
How does Amien’s song at the end of the last act apply to the motivation of Duke Frederickand Oliver in the first scene of Act III? duke fredrick is treating Oliver poorly and is not thankful for what he has done and his loyalty
What are the truisms that the shepherd Corin tells Touchstone? What are some truisms that amodern day student might speak? talks about the simple and the obvious things in life
If you were the director of this play, how would you direct the scene between Corin and Touchstone? Would Corin be an innocent who is all seriousness in his "wisdom," or would you have him act the role of a “smart alec” who is speaking in mockery trying to outdo Touchstone? a smart alec so it can add a little more humor and dimension to the play and he is trying to prove he is better than Corin
Contrast the rhyme that Touchstone wrote about Rosalind with the one written by Orlandoand read by Celia. How do the two characterizations differ? Touchstone is making fun of the poem and mocking it and Oliver is talking about how good she is
How is Orlando’s view of the world different from that of Jaques (Monsieur Melancholy)? Jaques is negative and Orlando is more positive in life – and they are playfully making fun of each other
Why does Rosalind decide to “play the knave” to Orlando? she wants to mess with him because she wants to find out and test if he really does love her
When Rosalind tells Orlando that he does not look like a lover, he says that he wants to makeher believe it is true. Is this why he agrees to pretend she is Rosalind and woo her even thoughhe thinks she is a man? Are there any other possible reasons? She is telling him that he can’t be in love and that he only loves himself. He doesn’t think he is ever going to see her so he doesn’t want to love her anymore – but he wants her to know he is in love
Rosalind in the guise of a man reveals some of the ways that women differ from men. List afew of these differences and judge whether a modern audience would consider them as true. she said that women cry a lotshe says that men always need to be strong because women are weak and fragileCelia says to Rosalind when she is going to cry about Oliver that she shouldn’t because she is acting like a had more patiencewomen opened their hearts more easily and didn’t say what they actually thought
In Touchstone’s speech to Audrey, he refers to the inevitability of horns for a married man,suggesting that all wives are unfaithful. Even so, he says that it is better to be married than not.Why might he think so? horns means a woman cheating on her husband – he wants to get married anyway because he thinks its better to be with a cheating women than be alone
How would you describe Touchstone’s attraction to Audrey? Does he express romantic love or some other kind of feeling? No he is attracted to her because, he wants to have sex, not because he likes her
Contrast Phebe’s feeling for Silvius compared to her feeling for Rosalind disguised as Ganymede. Pheobe doesn’t like Silvius or love him at all, but she likes a lot and almost loves Ganymede. She is going to write a letter to Ganymede, but that her and Silvius can only be friends.
Is Touchstone cruel to William? Does he have a right to treat William as he does? How does Audrey react to his words? What is Touchstone saying about people from the country? Yes, because he said he is going to kill him. He doesn’t have the right to do so. He is saying the country people are clowns and stupid.
What do you think about how quickly they fall in love? If Touchstone and Audrey represent physical love, Rosalind and Orlando represent realistic love, Silvius and Phoebe represent pastoral love, what do Oliver and Aliena represent? How do Rosalind and Orlando react to their love? It was love at first site which was similar to rosiland and orlando. They react by being shocked by there love.
What SPECIFIC evidence (as in lines) do we get in scene 2 to confirm that Orlando does know the truth about Rosalind? Does this change any of your opinions on when Orlando finds out? He says he can not pretend any longer. When he says he loves a women who is not present. “If this be so why blame you me to love you.”
What “ultimatum” does Orlando use to get Rosalind to lose the disguise? He says he can’t pretend any longer.
How does Silvius define what love is? How does this compare to 1 Corinthians? Is Silvius’ definition realistic or idealistic/romantic? What about Corinthians? “What is love? It is to be all made of fantasy, All made of passion, and all made of wishes, All adoration, duty, and observance, All humbleness, all patience, and impatience, All purity, all trial, all observance.” (V, ii, 93-97)
What role does Rosalind play in her disguise as Ganymede in the uniting of Phebe and Silvius and herself with Orlando? Pheobe shouldn’t marry her because she is a women. she is tricking Pheobe because if she doesn’t marry Ganyamede she should marry salvias
How does Touchstone respond the pages song? Does this confirm for us how we believe Touchstone feels about love and marriage? he makes fun of the song and that shows he doesnt care about love
In the resolution of the play, the lovers are united in marriage, and they are restored to their rightful places in society. What does this resolution imply about nature and fortune? The middle brother comes and ells the duke that he can leave the forest and return to the court because all has been restored and all order has been restored. Everything gets mended in the forest and back to it rightful order in the court.
“… for your brother and my sister no sooner met but they looked; no sooner looked but they loved; no sooner loved but they sighed; no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason; no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy: and in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage….” (V, ii, 31-37) Rosalind to Orlando about Celia and Oliver
“I can no longer live by thinking.” (V.ii. 45) Orlando about Rosiland being Gayamede
“What is love? It is to be all made of fantasy, All made of passion, and all made of wishes, All adoration, duty, and observance, All humbleness, all patience, and impatience, All purity, all trial, all observance.” (V, ii, 93-97) Silvius about his love for Phoebe
“I sometimes do believe and sometimes do not, As those that fear they hope, and know they fear.” (V.iv.3-4) Orlando to Duke Senior about Ganyamede bringing Rosiland
“Here’s eight that must take hands To join in Hymen’s bands, If truth holds true contents.” (V,iv, 128-130) Hyman about himself
“Twice did he turn his back and purposed so; But kindness, nobler ever than revenge,And nature, stronger than his just occasion, Made him give battle to the lioness, Who quickly fell before him.” (IV, iii, 128-132) Oliver
“some of my shame, if you will know of me/What man I am, and how, and why, and where/This handkercher was stained”(IV.iii.95-97) Oliver
“Wilt thou love such a woman? What, to make thee an instrument and play false strains upon thee?” Rosalind to Silvius
“Take thou no scorn to wear the horn;It was a crest ere thou wast born:Thy father’s father wore it,And thy father bore it:The horn, the horn, the lusty horns not a thing to laugh to scorn.” (4.2.1) Goes with ?#5 – horns are a sign of women’s infidelity and Shakespeare is referencing England in that day – guy singing
“You have simply misued our sex in your love-prate. We must have our doublet and hose plucked over your head and show the world what the bird hath done to her own nest” Celia to Rosalind
“Men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives.” (IV, i, 140-142) (Rosalind)Men are happy and exited in April and than shortly men become cold
“The poor world is almost six thousand years old, and in all this time there was not any man died in his own person…in a love cause.” (IV, i, 89-92) Rosalind as Ganyemede
“…it is a melancholy of mine own, compounded of my simples, extracted from many objects, and indeed the sundry contemplation of my travels, in which my often rumination wraps me in a most humorous sadness” Jaques
How does Orlando demonstrate that he can love deeply, and that his love is not surface? He sends his brother with the bloody napkin to plead for forgiveness becuase, he couldn’t be there.
How does Rosalind respond to the sight of Orlando’s blood? What does this say about her nature? Why does she insist to Oliver that her fainting was fake? (Quote 7) She faints and she is head over heals for him. She says her fainting was fake because, she wants to keep up her disguise.
What does Jaques claim has made him melancholy? Do you think this is realistic? (Quote #1) his travels and his experiences
Take thou no scorn to wear the horn;It was a crest ere thou wast born:Thy father’s father wore it,And thy father bore it:The horn, the horn, the lusty hornIs not a thing to laugh to scorn. (4.2.1)In other words, the song suggests that every single married man is bound to become a cuckold. Aside from being totally sexist and unfair to women, all this cuckold talk doesn’t really make any sense because 1) nobody’s been cheated on in the play, and 2) As You Like It is obsessed with marrying off all the couples. Why would a play that steadily works its way toward four marriages crack so many nasty jokes about cuckoldry? Women who are true women will blame their infidelity on their husbands. Cause she’s a women.
Celia accuses Rosalind of misusing “our sex in your love-prate.” How has Rosalind defamed women in her speeches to Orlando? Why is Celia upset with her? (Quote 4) She said that women will do stuff like cry the your happy just to make you miserable and laugh to keep you awake.
Why does Rosalind keep up the disguise long after it is necessary? So Orlando doesn’t know that is’s her and to teach him ho two love and see if he is really in love.
Why does Rosalind (as Ganyemede) perform a pretend wedding? (scene 1, lines 110)? She wants to test his commitment and goes along with it because he wants to prove his love
Scene 1, lines 139-142: Rosalind describes the actions of a “smart/wise” woman. What is trying to say about independent women? What is she trying to teach Orlando about herself? The smarter the women, then wilder the women. She is saying that women are wild when they are free, will sleep around than blame it on the their husband. She is trying to test him and scare him.
Court vs. Nature court wins because even though they had to fix and mend relationships in the forest they ultimately end up in the court
nature vs. nature how they act and what they were involved in