World Foundation-Hamlet Day Two (Study Guide 5)

The saying, “love makes the World go round.” means that love is the motivation behind all human action. True
Which are parts of the temple pattern? Judgment; Creation; Long Journey; Garden
Just as God loved all his children and therefore sent Jesus to die for us, so, too, did Lucifer love us, for he wanted to save us all. The fact that Lucifer wanted God’s honor for doing it is understandable, given the sacrifice Lucifer would make. False
Climbing Plato’s Ladder of Love requires self-sacrifice, discipline, reflection, and knowledge. True
St. Augustine said: All I ever wanted was to love, and be loved
St. Augustine may have based the title of his book, “City of God” on: The Epistle to the Hebrews
What is citizenship in the “City of Man’ based upon? Love of self
Whereas the souls in Hell are ultimately alone, the souls in Purgatory pray and sing hymns together. True
Hamlet’s inability to take reasoned action is tied to his: Inability to love
Which apply to the Early Modern World? Religious authority is on the decline; AD 1450-1750
Epicurus taught that: There is no life after death; There is no Good or Evil; There is only Pleasure or Pain
Which apply to Lucretius? Roman; Atoms; Epicurus delivered humanity from religion; There is no Heaven or Hell
“Eat, drink, and be Marry, for tomorrow we die” summarizes the way in which some people have interpreted the teachings of Epicurus and Lucretius. True
Which elements of the temple pattern are not compatible with Epicureanism? Fall; Triumph
Where does Dante place Suicides in Hell? Circle 7
Where does Dante place Fratricides in Hell? Circle 9
Where does Dante place Hypocrites in Hell? Circle 8
Where does Dante place seducers in Hell? Circle 8
Who believes that love is possible, but not for Hamlet? Laertes
Who is most cynical toward love? Polonius
Who believes that both women and men should guard their chastity? Ophelia
Who does the ghost call “that adulterate beast?” Claudius
Hamlet can fulfill all of the ghost’s instructions False
Which are examples of a dramatic device intended to reveal hidden thoughts and feelings to the audience, even though they do not display “normal” behavior? Soliloquy; Arias
When hamlet says, “To be, or not to be,” he is referring only to suicide. False
What “makes cowards of us all?” Conscience
Hamlet’s dilemma reflects our modern world True