As You Like It Characters

Duke Frederick Duke Seniors younger brother and his usurper, also celia’s father
Rosalind Duke senior’s daughter
celia Duke frederick’s daughter and Rosalind’s cousin
Touchstone a court fool
Le Beau A courtier
Charles a wrestler
Lords and ladies in Duke Frederick’s court
Oliver de bois the eldest son and heir
Jacques de Bois the second youngest son
Orlando de Bois Youngest son
Adam a faithful old servant who follows Orlando into exile
Dennis Oliver’s servant who called charles
Duke Senior Duke Fredrick’s older brother and Rosalind’s father
Jaques a discontented, melancholic lord
Amiens an attending lord and musician
Lords in Duke Senior’s forest court
Phebe a proud shepherdess
Silvius a shepherd
Audrey a country girl
Corin an elderly shepherd
William a country man
Sir Oliver Martext a curate