Vocab Othello Act 3, scenes 1-3

ProcureHe managed to PROCURE a ticket to the concert. TO GET POSSESSION OFPart of Speech- VERB
AffinityHe never felt an AFFINITY toward his science teacher. ATTRACTION, RELATIONSHIPPart of Speech- NOUN
BestowThe parents BESTOWED a new car to their son for graduation. TO GIVE (Like a gift)Part of Speech- VERB
BounteousHe offered a BOUNTEOUS reward for finding his iphone. GENEROUSPart of Speech-ADJ
DiscretionThe coach used his own DISCRETION to let the injured player back in the game. TO MAKE RESPONSIBLE DECISIONSPart of Speech-NOUN
LanguishHe LANGUISHED in prison for ten years. TO SUFFER NEGLECT or DEPRESSIONPart of Speech-VERB
PerditionAll of Iago’s sins will cause his life to end in PERDITION. HELL, LOSSPart of Speech-NOUN
RuminateHe RUMINATED about his decision to go to college. TO REFLECT or THINK ABOUTPart of Speech-VERB
FilchHe FILCHED a pack of gum from the store. TO STEALPart of Speech-VERB
VileHe has a VILE temper. FOUL, OBNOXIOUSPart of Speech-ADJ