Othello Project Questions

What does Iago mean when he says “I am not what I am”? He means that he is two faced or not what he appears to be
Why does Iago think he can convince Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair? Because Cassio kisses Desdemona’s hand.
Where does Othello kill Desdemona? In her bed.
Othello makes Iago the lieutenant, what is Iago’s first order? He is ordered to kill Cassio
How does Cassio first lose distrust from Othello? He get’s in a brawl with Montano
What is the significance of the the handkerchief? Iago thinks that he can use the handkerchief to convince Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him.
The Turks threaten to attack move back 5 places
What is the name of Desdemona’s father? Barbantio
What is Othello? A moor
Move 2 places back
What design is on the hanker chief? a strawberry
Why does does Iago hate Othello? Because he didn’t give Iago the promotion
Move 3 places foward
Who kills Rodrigo? Cassio mortally wounds him but then Iago kills him
What happens to Iago at the end of the book? He is captured and brought to be tortured and killed.
What is Othello’s opinion of Iago? Bonus of 1 space What type of irony is this? Othello thinks that Iago is a trustworthy man. It is situational irony
What does Iago think of the women of Venice? He thinks that they put on a mask when they are out
What are two reasons that Desdemona agrees to plead Cassio’s case? She agrees because she loves Othello and believes that what Cassio did (got in a fight) was an accident
Why is Iago out to get Othello? He didn’t get the promotion that he wanted
Who aid’s Iago in the destruction of Cassio? Emilia
To whom did Othello give the promotion? Cassio
Who is Bianca? Bianca is a prostitute and her favorite customer is Cassio
Barbantio is woken up in the middle of the night. Move back 4 spaces.
Desdemona is killed move back 7 spaces.
Iago is captured move up 4 spaces.
Where does the story take place? Venice
Through what years does the story take place? 1601-1604
Who is the author of the story? William Shakespeare
What does Iago do to convince Othello of Cassio and Desdemona cheating? He shows Othello Desdemona’s hanker chief that Cassio used to wipe his face?
Name a racist thing said about Othello Results may varyex: Othello will ruin the family with black grand kids.
Describe Iago and Emilia’s relationship Although they are married they don’t really like each other.
How does Desdemona defend Othello? She says she killed herself.
The celebration is commencing after they have beaten the Turks Move up 6 spaces.
What two reasons does Desdemona agree to defend Cassio to Othello? 1. Othello trusts Cassio2. What he did out of drunkenness can’t really be faulted.
What does Cassio pay the clown to do? Cassio wants to speak to Emilia.
Move 3 places backward.
Stay where you are for the next turn.
Move 7 places forward
Move back 1
What is Mr. Germain’s first name? Tyler
Why was the Elizabethan era so bad? Support your answer. Trick question, it wasn’t.
Who is Henry Tutor? A bad king who had many wives and couldn’t produce a male air.