Vocab 5: Romeo and Juliet

Solemn definition: Formal or dignified
Solemn synonym: serious
Solemn antonym: cheerful
Profane definition: Treated without respect
Profane synonym: unholy
Profane antonym: reverent
Fray definition: A situation of intense activity
Fray synonym: fight
Fray antonym: truce
Trifling definition: Of little significance or value
Trifling synonym: unimportant
Trifling antonym: critical
Saucy definition: Disrespectful or impudent
Saucy synonym: insolent
Saucy antonym polite
Enmity definition: Hatred between people
Enmity synonym: hostility
Enmity antonym: friendship
Civil definition: Courteous and polite
Civil synonym: cordial
Civil antonym: rude
Languish definition: Lose vitality
Languish synonym: weak
Languish antonym: strong
Pernicious definition: Having a bad effect
Pernicious synonym: damaging
Pernicious antonym: beneficial
Portentous definition: Ominous or threatening
Portentous synonym: evil
Portentous antonym: nice
Prodigious definition: Impressively marvelous in extent
Prodigious synonym: miraculous
Prodigious antonym: unexceptional
Valiant definition: Brave or courageous
Valiant synonym: bold
Valiant antonym: timid
Assail definition: Attack violently (physically or verbally)
Assail synonym: assault
Assail antonym: compliment
Posterity definition: Succeeding or future generations
Scant definition: Barely sufficient or adequate
Scant synonym: mere
Scant antonym: ample
Strife definition: A bitter conflict or rivalry
Strife synonym: struggle
Strife antonym: calm
Toil definition: Work hard and incessantly
Toil synonym: labor
Toil antonym: fun
Vex definition: Pester or irritate
Vex synonym: annoy
Vex antonym: please
Discreet definition Careful to avoid public embarrassment
Discreet synonym: tactful
Discreet antonym: careless
Augment definition: Enlarge or increase in amount
Augment synonym: expand
Augment antonym: decrease