Vocab- Othello and Vocab

Solicit (V) ask for or try to obtain (something) from someoneEx. I asked if I could solicit the meeting.
Sate (V) satisfy (a desire or an appetite) to the fullEx. She planned to sate her hunger.
Corrigible (Adj) capable of being corrected, rectified, or reformedEx. Jane was very corrigible.
Lechery (N) excessive or offensive sexual desire; lustfulnessEx. Johnny was a very lechery type of person.
Egregious (Adj) outstandingly bad; shockingEx. My moms pie was simply egregious.
Discretion (N) the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information; the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situationEx. Viewer discretion is advised.
Infirmity (N) physical or mental weaknessEx. Lucy had a bad case of iffirmity
Censure (N)the expression of formal disapproval; (v.)— express severe disapproval of (someone or something), typically in a formal statementEx. Lucy gave me censure feelings.
Pro priority (N) the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or moralsEx. It was his propriority to pass math.
Nascent (Adj) 10) just beginning to exist; early stageEx. The baby was a nascent one.
Sagacious (Adj) wiseEx. My grandma is sagacious
Talisman (N)an object with magical powers; a good luck charmEx. The hankercheid is a talisman
Umpteen (N) manyEx. Thete was an upteen amount of money.
Vanguard (N) Group of leaders in any feild Ex. There was a group of vanguards.
Baseline (N) starting pointEx. That was the baseline, she said.
Abrasive (Adj) arshEx. She was very abrasive
Boon (N) giftEx. It was a boon.
Penitent (Adj) repentant; feeling sorrow/regret over a wrongdoing Ex. She was very penitent.
Reconciliation (N) the act of making amends after a fight or disagreementEx. They in the process of reconciliation
Affinity (N) a liking or attraction to something/someoneEx. Jenny had an affinity for Jack.