Twelfth Night Theme Quotes – Appearance vs Reality

“Conceal me what I am” Viola disguises herself as Cesario
“Disguise I see thou art a wickedness” Viola comments on the problems disguise has caused her
“My lady loves me” Malvolio is tricked into believing that Olivia loves him
“To bed? Ay, sweetheart” The repercussions of Malvolio’s deception are that he tries to hit on Olivia
“As hell” “Laid me here in darkness” Malvolio’s failure to realise the reality leads to him suffering
“He has been fencer to the sophy” “He is a devil in private brawl” Sir Andrew and Viola are tricked into believing each other is a great fighter
Will you deny me now?” Antonio is left bewildered by Cesario not giving him back his money that he actually took from Sebastien
“Nothing that is so is so” Feste is confused by Sebastien denying the fact that he knows him, sums up the play in this quote
“Plight me the full assurance of your faith” Olivia mistakenly marries Sebastien
“Husband, stay!” “O thou dissembling cub” Viola being mistaken for Sebastien causes chaos in Act 5
“Happy wreck” “Revenged on the whole pack of you” Everything is resolved for the couples but Malvolio is left damaged at the end
“Cucullus non facit monachum” Feste uses a simile to criticise Olivia for wanting him taken away
“I am not what I am” Spoken by Viola to Olivia and therefore is rich in dramatic irony
“All is semblative a woman’s part” Orsino notices how Cesario is rather feminine in appearance
“Almost sick for one” “Would not have it grow on my chin” Viola jokes about Feste suggesting she should grow a beard
“Nothing that is so is so” “That that is, is” Feste says these in adjacent scenes, sums up the confusion of this world