Twelfth Night Test Review

Viola masquerades as a servant boy for Orsino
Feste sings songs that are relevant to the story’s theme
Olivia falls in love with “Cesario”
Malvolio egotistical, and convinced that Olivia loves him
Maria masquerades as Olivia in the trick letter to Malvolio
Sebastian appears to be Cesario, but has just come (shipwrecked) to Illyria
Orsino in love with Olivia, and the idea of love
Sir Andrew tricked into a duel against Cesario
Sir Toby wants Sir Andrew to marry his niece Olivia
Antonio sea captain and good friend, also an outlaw, defends Sebastian
Meaning of title? playful, festive atmosphere; Shakespeare associated Christmas with love
What is the theme? love
What is soliloquy? the act of talking to one’s self, silently or aloud
What is the Subtitle? “What You Will”
What is the dialogue’s purpose? to inform
What is Malvolio alienated from? from the rest of the household; his lines are interspersed with the reactions of the spectators, with neither side being able to hear the other. This gives up a physical representation of the psychological phenomenon of “alienation.”
What is Malvolio’s animal imagery? lays emphasis on both his alienation from them as human beings and their view of him as an egotistical fool.
What is Feste’s role? retains his dignity throughout the play; good with words and logic
What is Fabian’s role? Maria’s servant
What is the Climax? Act 3, Scene 4 “the love letter”
What is the motif in Viola/Cesario’s soliloquy? appearances vs. reality