Twelfth Night study guide

Duke Orsino powerful nobleman of illyria, who is in love with Olivia.
Sir Andrew sir toby’s friend. Attempts to marry olivia, but doesn’t have a chance. He say’s he is well-rounded, but he’s actually not bright at all
Sir Toby olivia’s uncle, and she let’s him live with her, but she doesn’t approve of his behavior. He has an ally/mate, Maria, and together they bring triumph and humiliation
Maria olivia’s serving woman. she creates aspirations through marriage
Viola disguises herself as a man, and calls herself, “cesario,” becomes Duke orsino’s page. Ends up falling in love with orsino
pestilence a fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague
cloistres a nun
sovereign a supreme ruler, especially a monarch
quaffing drink(something, especially an alcoholic drink) heartily
quarreled have an angry argument or disagreement
recompensed make amends to (someone) for loss or harm suffered; compensate
how does the duke feel about love he wants music to give him love, so then his desire for it will decrease and end
what news does valentine bring the duke? how does the duke take the news? for the next seven years, she will not go outside, and she will walk like a nun and cry every day in her room. she’s doing this to honor her dead brother, and she wants to remember him. Duke takes it bad by comparing her good feelings with bad ones
what does viola think has happened to her brother, and how does the captain give her hope she thinks he drowned and went to heaven. he told her that her brother was holding onto a piece of wreckage in the sea, and he is ok
what do viola and olivia have in common they are both very deeply depressed/sad that they lost their brothers
what plan does viola propose to the captain help her conceal her identity, and find me the right disguise. she want’s to be the duke’s servant.
how do you know the duke has really taken to viola, “Cesario,” his new page boy valentine said that since he’s treating you so well, you’ll go far. he’s already treating you like a code friend
why does the duke argue cesario is better suited for the task than an older servant because he thinks cesario is very feminine, so he can get olivia to like duke orsino
why does olivia not want to see feste or have him around because he’s a boring fool, and she doesn’t want to have him around anymore because he became unreliable
who is waiting to see olivia, and who keeps him/her there rather then send him/her away viola/cesario, and malvolio keeps him/her there rather then send him/her away
why do you think viola might want to see olivia’s face? what does viola think of olivia because viola has never seen her and he wrote a speech for her. viola thinks olivia is proud.
antonio man who rescues sebastian after his ship-wreck
sebastion viola’s lost twin brother
cesario viola dressed up as a young man
olivia noble lady courted by orsino and sir andrew
malvolio head servant of lady olivia
feste clown of olivia’s household
mellifluous (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear
dulcet (especially of sound) sweet and soothing(often used ironically)
caterwauling (of a cat) make a shrill howling or wailing noise
melancholy a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause
niggardly not generous; stingy
how might the introduction of sebastion be important to later events in the play he can reveal his twin sister, violas disguise
where does sebastian intend to go and why can antonio not go with him he has no particular destination, but he doesn’t want him to come because he doesn’t want antonio to get hurt because of his bad luck
how does cesario react when malvolio catches up to her and wishes to return the ring? what does she make once he leaves and how does she feel about this she refuses to take it back. cesario thinks that olivia may lover her/him, but she feels bad for wearing disguises and being deceitful
what threat does malvolio issue to maria he’s threatening to tell olivia about her rude behavior
what scheme does maria devise once malvolio leaves? what is the ultimate purpose of the plan she’s going to leave fake love letters from olivia. purpose is to make him look like a fool
what does the duke send cesario back to tell olivia? what dos this reveal about the nature of his love to tell olivia that he’s in love with her beauty, and not her money. it reveals that he loves her for her
what opinions on women and love does the duke express to cesario he expresses that women’s love is shallow, and they love to much. his love to olivia is all consuming
how dos cesario respond to these opinions? what is amusing about cesario’s argument he says women’s hearts are as loyal and sensitive’s as mens. he say’s his father had a daughter who loved a man the same way he might love the duke, if he were a woman. that cesario’s actually a woman.
why does malvolio believe the letter is to him it describes specific memories that lady olivia said to him
what things does maria put in the letter to help make malvolio look like an idiot to olivia argue with a elate and be rude to servant’s

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