as you like it

sir oliver martext tries to have his brother killed false
Rosalind’s father regains his title true
touchstone is a skilled wrestler false
phoebe loves corin false
Rosalind’s father was friends with Orlando’s father true
Orlando is Charles first fight of the day false
Rosalind dressed as a boy tells phoebe to come on to her false
Jacques becomes a monk false
corin says that manners are the same in the country as they are in the court false
Orlando fights a lion to save oliver’s life true
Jacques de boys, Orlando, oliver brothers
corin/silvius fellow shepherds
Rosalind/celia cousins
duke senior/duke frederick brothers in opposition for courtly power
oliver/dennis master/servant
Ganymede/aliena pretend brother/sister
sir oliver martext/amiens no relation
duke senior/ celia uncle/niece
Rosalind/orlando in love
duke Frederick/ celia father/daughter
audrey touchstone
pheobe silvius
celia oliver
rosalind orlando