{ twelfth night review }

olivia Who is Orsino in love with at the beginning of the play?a. Oliviab. Violac. Mariad. Malvolio
love “If music be the food of _____, play on.”a. Sleepb. Sorrowc. Loved. Joy
Illyria Where does Twelfth Night take place?a. Englandb. Illyriac. Ruritaniad. Denmark
she is in mourning for her dead brother Why is Olivia unwilling to receive any visitors?a. She is hideously deformedb. She is terribly shyc. She cannot speakd. She is in mourning for her dead brother
she is shipwrecked nearby How does Viola come to be at Orsino’s court?a. She is shipwrecked nearbyb. She is captured and made a slavec. She is invited to be a guest of Orsinod. She is Orsino’s daughter
he is trying to court olivia Why is Sir Andrew Aguecheek staying at Olivia’s home?a. He is her uncleb. He is trying to court Mariac. He is trying to court Oliviad. He is Malvolio’s brother
she dresses like a man How does Viola disguise herself?a. She puts on makeup to make herself resemble an old womanb. She dresses like a manc. She shaves her head and wears a false beardd. She does not disguise herself
he is olivia’s steward What is Malvolio’s position?a. He is Orsino’s foolb. He is Viola’s butlerc. He is Sir Toby’s butlerd. He is Olivia’s steward
he is a drunkard What is Sir Toby’s great vice?a. He is a drunkardb. He is a gluttonc. He has no vices
viola, disguised as cesario Who does Orsino send to carry his messages to Olivia?a. Malvoliob. Festec. Viola, disguised as Cesariod. Sebastian
orsino Who does Viola fall in love with?a. Malvoliob. Orsinoc. Sir Tobyd. Olivia
viola, in her disguise as cesario Who does Olivia fall in love with?a. Orsinob. Malvolioc. Antoniod. Viola, in her disguise as Cesario
viola’s brother Who is Sebastian?a. Viola’s brotherb. Orsino’s cousinc. Olivia’s foold. Malvolio’s son
maria Who forges the letter that Malvolio thinks is from Olivia?a. Festeb. Sir Tobyc. Mariad. Viola
that olivia is in love with him What does the forged letter make Malvolio believe?a. That Maria is in love with himb. That he is going to inherit a fortunec. That Viola is in love with himd. That Olivia is in love with him
antonio Who takes care of Sebastian after he is shipwrecked?a. Violab. Festec. Malvoliod. Antonio
sir andrew Who challenges Cesario to a duel?a. Orsinob. Sir Andrewc. Malvoliod. Antonio
yellow stockings and crossed garters What does Malvolio wear in the hope of pleasing Olivia?a. Green leggingsb. Women’s clothingc. Yellow stockings and crossed gartersd. A red wig and silver pantaloons
to be close to sebastian Why does Antonio travel to Illyria?a. To be close to Sebastianb. To get revenge on Orsinoc. To woo Oliviad. He does not travel
he think that sebastian is cesario Why does Sir Andrew try to fight with Sebastian?a. He thinks that Sebastian has killed Orsinob. He thinks that Sebastian wants to kill Sir Tobyc. He thinks that Sebastian is in love with Mariad. He thinks that Sebastian is Cesario
they lock him in a dark room and tell him he is mad What do Sir Toby and the others do to Malvolio?a. They kill himb. They lock him in a dark room and tell him he is madc. They tar and feather himd. They get him drunk and convince him to sing with them
sir topas, the curate What disguise does Feste wear when he speaks with Malvolio?a. Cesariob. Oliviac. Sir Topas, the curated. An angel
sebastian Who does Olivia marry?a. Sebastianb. Antonioc. Orsinod. Malvolio
he decides to marry her When he realizes that Cesario is a woman, what does Orsino do?a. He orders her executedb. He banishes herc. He betroths her to Antoniod. He decides to marry her
malvolio Which character does not get married (or plan to) at the end of the play?a. Orsinob. Sir Tobyc. Sebastiand. Malvolio