FINAL: The Tempest ACT 2

who are the GOOD characters shipwrecked on the island (3) 1. Gonzalo2. Alonso3. Ferninand
who is Gonzalo an old adviser and formerly friend of Prospero
who is Alonso King of Naples and father of Ferdinand
who is Ferdinand son of Alonso
who are the 2 BAD characters who are shipwrecked on the island 1. Antonio2. Sebastian3. Trinculo
who is Antonio brother of Prospero and now Duke of Milan
who is Sebastian and Trinculo Sebastian is brother of Alonso and like Antonio in having the ambition to depose his brother and take over power–Trinculo and him are BOTH lower class characters
what does Gonzalo’s amazement at their clothes being dry after the storm show–how is this different from Shakespeare’s other play it makes the characters wonder what kind of storm it was–also, reminds the audience of the artifice of all theatre where no one really dies and no one really gets wet when there is a “storm”Normally, he wants to draw audiences in; BUT HERE he wants to make you “wake up”
what does the audience get from these good and bad characters and their response to the island more about the exploration of European attitudes about the NW
what were the early 1600 English attitudes about indigenous people in the NW (2) swung widely between:1. the belief that they are naturally depraved and deserve to be enslaved (Caliban)2. the belief that they are innocent and morally superior to Europeans
what do the audience see in Gonzalo’s fantasy a more optimist attitude about society–in a world where Gonzalo would rule, he thinks everything would be produced without labor by Nature and is shared by everyone so there’s no treason, crimes or weapons
what is the conspiracy that arise on the island Antonio (already bad from what his did to P & M) plots with Sebastian plot when Gonzalo and Alonso are asleep to kill Alonso to make S King of Naples –not worried about how they get back to Italy
what is the parallel to Macbeth in the conspiracy (2) 1. when Antonio tells Sebastian he sees a crown on his head and they should act now to get what they want–dagger of the mind2. they want to kill Alonso in his sleep like now
what stops Sebastian and Antonio from murdering Alonso Prospero foresees the danger “through his art” and sends Ariel to prevent the murder–he wakes up Gonzalo
What is an important theme that comes from Prospero stopping the murder through Ariel P seems to be in control, but in a deeper sense these evil characters expose the limits of his powers: he can’t make them better people or reform them–important theme of the Tempest
what echos the plot to kill Alonso the silly second plot by the lower class characters Stephano and Trinculo (together with Caliban) to kill Prospero
how are Sebastian and Trinculo like Bottom Sebastian and Trinculo find a barrel of wine that gets them both drunk so on this island, they think they can now be lords (like Bottom)
when Sebastian and Trinculo meet Caliban, what is their initial thinking of him they automatically imagine exploiting him and making money from him–want to take him back to England and display him as a kind of carnival freak
what is noteworthy about Caliban’s encounters with others and what does that show about Shakespeare everyone who meets Caliban wants to exploit himShakespeare AGAIN seems sympathetic to his plight and subtly raises questions about how Europeans are treating people they encounter in the new world
what does Caliban think Stephan and Trinculo will be better at thinks they will be better masters to him than Prospero–celebrates his freedom song
characteristics of Caliban’s freedom song –not very sophisticated, naive and not musically satisfying–with a serious even tragic subtext: Caliban yearns for freedom
what does Ferdinand believe when he is washed up on the island and how does Ariel comfort him separated from all the others, he (the son of Alonso-King of Naples) believes that is dad died and wanders around the island broken hearted–ariel plays music and sings song to him that seems to be about his dad’s death—-Ferdinand comments on the pretty music
how does Ariel’s music add to the island’s symbolism of the theatre theatre is a place where music magically floats in from above
what is the song about Ferdinand’s death called the Full Fathom Five
how does the Full Fathom Five song show how Ariel views death? strange perspective on human death–it is a transformation into something new, hard and brittle but beautiful
how does the Full Fathom Five song show how Ferdinand views death? not a comforting perspective for F who looks at death in a human way as in the end for his father
how does the Full Fathom Five song show how Shakespeare views death? since Shakespeare had written countless deaths, it is familiar to him–this is a raw material that he uses to create beautiful plays
how does Prospero engineer love in this play he schemes to get Miranda and Ferdinand to fall for each other
why does Prospero engineer a delay to make sure love is real and not just lust Ferdinand will get bored of–he wants F to work for M so he respects what he has earned- it wasn’t just given to him
what powerful move does Miranda make in this play –who is this most like Miranda asks Ferdinand to marry her saying “I am your wife”–powerful move in the Renaissancelike Rosaline
what are the 4 types of plays Shakespeare wrote and basic characteristics connected to them 1. Comedies–about love and desire–flexibility in identity–often used second world structure2. Tragedies–about individual ambition and power–end in revenge, violence and death3. Histories–about key moments in English history4. Romances–mic of all of these
what type of play is the Tempest strange play that is hard to categorize:1. so far (up to Act 2): seems mainly a tragedy–sets off by individual ambition and crime–action is motivated by desire for aggressive and even violent revenge by Prospero–we seem to be heading for a bloodbathBUT,2. also has comic elements:–about love and desire–about identity switching–has a second world