Twelfth Night Quotes

VIOLA Viola at shipwreck, denies her own sexuality as must be a male to be taken seriously (identity and loss) conceal me what i ampresent me as an eunuch
VIOLA (when talking to Olivia) not an actor, but playing a role as Cesario I am not that i play
VIOLA (when talking to Olivia) ironic because she is not, but also explaining her class to Olivia i am a gentleman
VIOLA (ring monologue) comical – not but is a man I am the man
VIOLA (ring monologue) women hearts soft and easy, fall in love too easily In women’s hearts to set their forms
VIOLA (ring monologue) desperate no matter what gender because loves Orsino – gender confusion As i am man my state is desperate…as I am woman
VIOLA (ring monologue) apostrophises disguise which keeps her from Orsino and misleads Olivia Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness
VIOLA (Viola and Orsino dialogue) intimate quote about Viola’s identity, admitting she loves him my father had a daughter loved a man
VIOLA (Viola and Orsino dialogue) not being subtle about disguise were i a woman
VIOLA (Viola and Orsino dialogue) poignant because doesn’t know brother is not dead so she is son and daughter i am all the daughters of my father’s house…all the brothers too
VIOLA (duel) pun – little act is a fight but could be penis a little thing…I lack of a man
VIOLA (seb. alive) poignant, mitigated grief, disguises herself as him but does not want to WATER tempests are kind…salt waves fresh in love
VIOLA (duel) only uses her name once sebastian has Viola
VIOLA (duel) resurrection as Viola do not embrace me until…i am viola
SIR TOBY First thing Sir Toby says – no empathy for death of his nephew and Olivia’s grief What a plague means my niece to take the death of her brother thus
SIR TOBY talks about anxiety, would rather have fun i am sure care’s an enemy to life
SIR TOBY what Maria says about his personality that appropriate in a house of mourning (2) quaffing and drinkingdrunk nightly
SIR TOBY tells Andrew to accost/board Maria. Sexual, crude humour, caricature accost…woo her, assail her
SIR TOBY calls Malvolio a loose woman and hang himself – dark and rude, contrast to Puritan M. Peg-o’-Ramsay Sneck up!
SIR TOBY epitome of Toby’s lifestyle (to M.) Art any more than a steward? Dost thou think that because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale
SIR TOBY calls Malvolio a kitchen servant Go, sir, rub your chains with crumbs
SIR TOBY always wants to party, never serious Shall we make the welkin dance
SIR TOBY to Andrew, ignores his personal comments about love. Only cares about money and polices him as he is the only one who spends the money and how much he has extorted from him (2) Send for more moneyI have been dear to him…2 thousand strong or so
SIR TOBY refers to Andrew as a puppet, controlling him dear manikin
SIR TOBY (locking up M) dark and unyielding, excess, annoying M like a sport we’ll have him in a dark room and bound
OLIVIA mourning but in charge, cross with Feste but won’t engage w/ world Take the fool away
OLIVIA wants to talk intimately with Cesario, first time engages with life TURNING POINT Give us the place alone
OLIVIA shares feelings about Orsino with Cesario (repeats) I cannot love him
OLIVIA completes Viola’s sentence (v. intimate) pity you might do much
OLIVIA eager for Viola to return, she has moved her out of seclusion unless perchance you come to me again
OLIVIA feels she has already fallen in love with Cesario (plague v worrying for Elizabethan audience) youthful so quickly can one catch the plague
OLIVIA her declaration of love, uses painful imagery, feelings transparent (3) abuse, hard construction, force, enough is shown
OLIVIA what VIOLA says to Olivia when she knows she loves her, brink of another loss, no resolution to their love I pity you
ORSINO start of play, love sickens appetite so dies, wants to take away desire for love, erotic? Music feeds melancholy (3) beginning If music be the food of love, play on, excess, surfeiting
ORSINO characteristics of love – beginning stealing and giving odour
ORSINO fickle, moody, melancholy – beginning enough no more
ORSINO supposed compliment to Olivia but paradoxically suggests sickness and death (plague worries Elizabethans) Methought she purged the air of pestilence
ORSINO narcissistic, would be ruler if married Olivia, refers to Olivia’s mourning – if this is how she loves a brother, she will love a lover so much more One self king
ORSINO persuades Viola to speak to Olivia for him, he is selfish, rude because she’s in mourning. Love is selfish Be clamorous and leap all civil bounds
MALVOLIO what names means ill wisher
MALVOLIO he is conceited and thinks too highly of himself (what Toby says to him) art any more than a steward?
MALVOLIO (before letter)not so puritanical, devotion to Olivia has ulterior motive. Sexual undertones, already in his mind before letter. Don’t feel sorry because he wants money and status, eliminates pity (3) to be count malvolio, velvet gown, where i have left Olivia sleeping
MALVOLIO (before letter) puts down Toby immediately, humiliated and wants revenge kinsman Toby
MALVOLIO (after reading letter) delusional thinking, falls into trap so easily so no pity, not a likeable character. mentions no affection for her, just her love for him that my lady loves me
MALVOLIO (after reading letter) vanity and puncture, erotic self delusion which makes him look stupid. Sick with self love and Olivia won’t want to sleep with him to bed? Ay sweetheart
MALVOLIO refers to Olivia as small bird he has cruelly caught. I have limed her
MALVOLIO (to toby) says “i am above you in every way” I am not of your element
MALVOLIO dark, circle of revenge I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you
FESTE has crude and dark humour, joke about marriage Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage
FESTE raises searching q about Olivia’s mourning. Why should she if brother in heaven. Gets himself out of awkward situation – knows how to use his words The more fool…to mourn for your brother’s soul…in heaven
FESTE (song 1) “O Mistress Mine” melancholy- shipwreck mentioned- love itself is unfixed- laugh now, dont know what future holds Journeys end in lovers meeting, what is love, what’s to come is still unsure
FESTE (about Orsino) sees his changeability, same for his mind (2) doublet of changeable taffeta, mind is a very opal
FESTE clever, a “dallier” with language. What Feste refers to himself i am…her corrupter of words
FESTE (to Viola) sees through her disguise, could refer to Cesario’s youth or lack of virility Now Jove…send thee a beard
FESTE thinks Viola is a mystery Who you are and what you would are out of my welkin
FESTE torments Malvolio when locked up, contradictory Bay windows transparent as barricades…lustrous as ebony
FESTE (song at end) moves play into non existent future, anticipates resolution that hasn’t been resolved. – Could be sexual, talks about prank was just a joke. – painful life that must be endured – drunkards still drunkards, everything same as before foolish thing was but a toythe rain it raineth everydaytosspots still had drunkenheads
SEBASTIAN believes sister dead, like she believes he is too. Twin sibling love poignant – Shakespeare had twins that died (2) My sister drowned, mind that envy could not but call fair
ANTONIO devoted to S, homoerotic? In Greek Lit, older man would take younger and educate And if you will not murder me for my love, let me be your servant
SEBASTIAN gentle, feminine – talks of his mother while V talks of father (2) my bosom is full of kindness, mother
ANTONIO passion I do adore thee so
ANTONIO (later) sexual conn. homoerotic? gives S his money, magnanimous, kind, avuncular (2) desire, here’s my purse