As You Like it Act 3

Rosalind and Orlando relationship Realistic: difficult and complicated, starting to doubt the poems he is sending; courtship has obstacles, doubt
Silvius and Phoebe relationship Pastoral: extreme version of love, a little bit crazy in love, his head is in the cloud, so much so that he can’t see his flaws, love is blind;
Touchstone and Audrey relationship Physical: they get married on the spot, based on attraction and just wanting to marry, Touchstone is sometimes the voice of reason, he looks at love as practical and not having depth
“More villain thou. – Well, push him out of doors/ And let my officers of such a nature/ Make an extend upon his house and lands.” “That makes you an even bigger villain. – Well, throw him out, and have my officers seize his house and lands.” – Duke Fredrick says it to oliver- Oliver will need to leave the court and seize his house- They are trying to find orlando- Oliver must find and return Orlando – Shows irony because duke fredrick accuses oliver to be a bad brother because of the way he treats orlando
“Love is merely a madness and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do, and the reason why they are not so punished and cured is that the lunacy is so ordinary that the whippers are in love, too. “ – Rosalind says it to Orlando- Love is fake/artificial- Love will drive you insane- Real love is difficult, not easy to come by
“No, truly, for the truest poetry is the most feigning, and lovers are given to poetry, and what they swear in poetry may be said as lovers they do feign.” – Touchstone says it – Just because they sound great in their poems, doesn’t mean they are great- They can make lies in poems- Poetry can be lies and fake love
“Was” is not “is.” Besides, the oath of a lover is no stronger than the word of a tapster.” – Celia says it to Rosalind- Celia is saying that orlando used to love Rosalind but that dies not mean that he still loves her- The promises of a lover can be untrustworthy – Orlando might not be in love with rosalind, lovers are untrustworthy
How does Touchstone feel about Arden when talking to Corin? (scene 2) How does Corin feel about shepherd life in Arden? – Touchstone is full of contridiction with what he thinks about the court- Corin likes being a shepherd he likes the simple life in arden
Contrast the rhyme that Touchstone wrote about Rosalind with the one written by Orlando and read by Celia. How do the two characterizations of love differ? (scene 2) Touchstone talks about love as a need, Orlando talks about complete love
How is Orlando’s view of the world different from that of Jaques? (scene 2) – Jaques views nature as like beautiful and Orlando is kind of indifferent to nature- Jaques is melancholy – Orlando is optimistic for love- Jaques pessimistic towards love
Why does Rosalind decide to “play the knave” toward Orlando? (scene 2) Why does Orlando agree to this? – Rosalind does not know if orlando is in love with her- Orlando is ok with it because he is completely in love with her
How does Celia respond to Rosalind when she is upset about Orlando not showing up? What does this suggest about her character? – She says to stop crying;- Orlando is not worth it; – Rosalind is sad because Orlando did not show up for a date
How does Rosalind feel about Phoebe? What does this suggest about Rosalind’s character? – Phoebe does not lie silvius and Rosalind tells her that silvius is the best she can do- Phoebe falls in love with Ganymede(Rosalind) Rosalind is frustrated with Phoebe- It suggest that Rosalind is sensible because Rosalind disproves stereotypes and she is proving to be down to earth and sensible