Twelfth Night Quotes

If music be the food of love, play on;Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die. Orsino is speaking. He is telling the musicians to keep playing their music to take his mind off of Olivia.This introduces him as a melancholy character.
The element itself, till seven year’s heat,Shall not behold her face at ample view;But, like a cloistress, she will veiled walkAnd water once a day her chamber roundWith eye-offending brine;all this to seasonA brother’s dead love Valentine is speaking, but it is included in a letter that Olivia sends to Orsino.She is describing the way that Olivia is mourning her dead brother.This introduces Olivia as a melancholy character.
I prithee, and I’ll pay thee bounteaously,Conceal me what I am, and by my aid,For such disguise as haply shall becomeThe form of my intent. I’ll serve this duke Viola is speaking. She is begging the captain to disguise her as a man to work for Duke Orsino.This begins Viola’s plot line and relevance to the story.
O, then unfold the passion of my love, Surprise her with discourse of my dear faith:It shall become thee well to act my woes;She will attend it better in thy youthThan in a nuncio’s of more grave aspect. Duke Orsino is speaking.He is telling “Cesario” to go and tell Olivia how much he loves her, and do whatever it takes to convince her. He also says that it is more likely for her to be convinced by him because of his handsome and young face.This begins the plot of Cesario going to Lady Olivia’s place, and Olivia falling in love with him.
How now!Even so quickly may one catch the plague?Methinks I feel this youth’s perfectionsWith an invisible and subtle stealthTo creep in at mine eyes. Well, let it be. Olivia is speaking.She is asking herself how she could fall in love with someone so quickly.This indicates to us that Olivia is in love with Cesario.
As I am man,My state is desperate for my master’s love;As I am woman, –now alas the day!–What thriftless sighs shall poor Olivia breathe! Viola is speaking.She is trying to decide what to do about loving Orsino and being loved by Olivia.This shows the inner conflict of Viola.
There is no woman’s sidesCan bide the beating of so strong a passionAs love doth give my heart; no woman’s heartSo big, to hold so much; they lack retentionAlas, their love may be call’d appetite,But mine is all as hungry as the sea Orsino is speaking.He is saying to Viola that no woman could ever love anyone as much as he loves Olivia.
I will wash off grossacquaintance, I will be point-devise the very man.I do not now fool myself, to let imagination jademe; for every reason excites to this, that my lady loves me Malvolio is speaking.he is talking about how he is convinced that he is the one that Olivia loves, and that he will do everything it takes to be the perfect man for her.This is a key part of Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria’s prank.
Come, we’ll have him in a dark room and bound. Myniece is already in the belief that he’s made: wemay carry it thus, for our pleasure and his penance,till our very pastime, tired out of breath, promptus to have mercy on him. Sir Toby is speaking.He is saying that they should keep Malvolio in a dark room, since everyone thinks hes insane, and have more fun with the prank.This is when the prank starts to go a bit too far.
Will it ever be thus? Ungracious wretch,Fit for the mountains and the barbarous caves,Where manners ne’er were preach’d! Out of my sight! Olivia is speaking to Sir Toby.She is telling him that he is an ungrateful slob, who should live in a cave away from people since he has such bad manners. She is separating him from fighting with Cesario.
I am ready to distrust mine eyesAnd wrangle with my reason that persuades meTo any other trust but that I am madOr else the lady’s mad; yet, if ’twere so,She could not sway her house, command her followers,Take and give back affairs and their dispatchWith such a smooth, discreet, and stable bearingAs I perceive she does: there’s something in’t That is deceivable Sebastian is speaking.He is saying that even though he is overwhelmed, he is ready to believe that this is reality, even though he feels like he is mad. He wonders if Olivia is mad, but then says that would be impossible since she runs her house so well.This leads into Sebastian staying with Olivia in the end.
O thou dissembling cub! what wilt thou beWhen time hath sow’d a grizzle on thy case?Or will not else thy craft so quickly grow,That thine own trip shall be thine overthrow?Farewell, and take her; but direct thy feetWhere thou and I henceforth may never meet Orsino is speaking to Viola.He is mad at her for lying, and saying that lying will ruin her in the future. He is telling her to leave and that he never wants to see her again.This is the climax of the play.