The Tempest – Act 1 Scene 2

O, I have suffered With those that I saw suffer Miranda’s emotional reaction to the boat
A brave vessel […] some noble creature Miranda’s description of the boat and its inhabitants
No more amazement […] There’s no harm done Prospero’s words after the storm
I have done nothing but in care of thee Prospero’s caring words to Miranda
But how is’t That this lives in thy mind? Prospero’s underestimation of Miranda’s memory
to him put The manage of my state Prospero giving Antonio his power
Dost thou attend me? Prospero ensuring Miranda’s attention
The ivy […] sucked my verdure out on’t Prospero’s likening of Antonio to a plant
I, thus neglecting worldly ends Prospero’s neglect
To credit his own lie – he did believe He was indeed the duke Prospero’s description of Antonio
my library Was dukedom large enough Prospero’s library
most ignoble stooping Milan subservient to Naples
So dear the love my people bore me Prospero’s account of the public’s attitude towards him
thy schoolmaster Prospero’s description of his role
‘Hell is empty, And all the devils are here’ Ariel’s account of Ferdinand’s words during the storm
The foul witch Sycorax Prospero’s description of Sycorax
It was a torment To lay upon the damned What Sycorax did and what Prospero suggests he may wish to unleash upon his enemies
We cannot miss him Prospero describing their dependence on Caliban
Slave! Caliban! Thou earth Prospero’s call to Caliban
My quaint Ariel Prospero’s description of Ariel
This island’s mine […] Which thou tak’st from me Caliban’s words about the island
For I am all the subjects that you have, Which first was mine own king Caliban’s description of his status under Prospero
Oh ho! Would’t had been done Caliban’s ‘rape’ retort
Abhorrèd slave Miranda’s comment about Caliban (which is sometimes Prospero’s line depending on version)
Some god o’th’island Ferdinand’s description of Prospero
A thing divine Miranda’s description of Ferdinand
Most sure the goddess Ferdinand’s description of Miranda
I must uneasy make, lest too light winning Make the prize light Prospero’s plan regarding Miranda and Ferdinand
nothing ill can dwell in such a temple Miranda’s comment on appearance