Twelfth Night Quiz – Acts 1 and 2

What type of metaphor does the Duke use when he addresses the “spirit of love” in Act 1? He uses a metaphor drawn from falconry when he addresses the “spirit of love.”
How does Shakespeare symbolise Viola’s practical side in Act 1,scene 2? Shakespeare symbolises Viola’s practical side by having her offer money in payment for favors to her.
What does the presence of Maria and Sir Toby as characters imply (about love) in Act 1, scene 3? They imply that love is for all kinds of people, no matter what their status is
How does the Duke respond to Cesario’s doubts that Olivia is too “abandoned to her sorrow” to listen tohis suit – Act 1,scene 4? The Duke tells him to “be clamorous and leap all civil bounds.”
What does the Clown try to prove about Olivia in Act 1, scene 5? The Clown tries to prove that Olivia is a fool.
Which character serves to emphasise the subjective nature of “love” as seen in 1, scene 5 Act The Clown’s speech emphasises the subjective nature of “love.”
What purpose does this Act 2, scene 1 serve? The purpose of this scene is to inform us about Viola’s twin brother
How would you characterise the style of the dialogue in Act 2, scene 1? The style is one of formal, straightforward prose.
What kind of speech is it that Cesario utters in Act 2,scene 2? Cesario utters a soliloquy
What does Cesario wonder in the latter part of the soliloquy? in Act 2, scene 2? Cesario wonders how the mistaken love will be resolved.
What does the Clown’s song in Act 2, scene 3 define? The Clown’s song defines “love.”
What plot is hatched in this act 2, scene 3? The comic plot is hatched in this scene.
What kind of a lover does Orsino classify himself as – act 2, scene 4? Orsino classifies himself as a “true lover.”
What warning does Cesario give to Orsino about Olivia in Act 2,scene 4? Cesario warns the Duke that Olivia is not open to romance with him
What is the source of imagery used by Sir Toby, Andrew, Maria, and Fabian to characterise Malvolio’ssituation – Act 2, scene 5? They use animal imagery to enlighten us about Malvolio’s situation
From whom is Malvolio alienated in Act 2, scene 5? Malvolio is alienated from the rest of the household.
How is Malvolio’s personality presented here? Vein, pretentious and social-climbing.
Who are these characters? Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Fabian