Twelfth Night – Malvolio Quotes

“You are sick of self-love” Olivia views him as miserable and stubborn in his opposition of frivolity
“Is there no respect” He is shown to have high moral standards and is angered by the men’s loud partying
“Affectioned ass” “The best persuaded of himself” Malvolio is viewed as arrogant by Maria
“Toby approaches; curtsies there to me” He is presented as very self-affectioned in his dreams of marrying Olivia and humiliating Sir Toby
“To bed? Ay, sweetheart” Malvolio is completely taken in by the trick and comically thinks Olivia wants to sleep with him
“Concurs directly with the letter” Malvolio is presented as being naïve when despite the fact Olivia is clearly perplexed by him, he still persuades himself that she was just acting because she called him “fellow” and not by his name
“Made the most notorious geck and gull” Shakespeare creates pathos for Malvolio as he pours out his frustrations at how he has been treated
“I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you” Malvolio is left bitter and angry at the end of the play
“I am not of your element” The tricking of Malvolio can be said to add to his arrogance
‘Ill will’ What does Malvolio’s name translate as in Italian?
“I thank my stars, I am happy” Malvolio is exultant in the fact Olivia loves him