english exam: the tempest

12 years ago, when Miranda was 3 years old When did Prospero come to the island?
He was betrayed by his brother Antonio and King Alonso ran him out of the kingdom. Why did Prospero come to the island?
He was a lord at the time but wanted to be duke Why did Antonio want to get rid of Propsero?
He was absorbed in his books Why was Propsero easily fooled?
Antonio and Alonso sent Prospero and Miranda on terrible boat and they ended up on the island How did Prospero and Miranda get to the island?
Ariel’s first job To sink the ship with a storm but not let anyone be harmed
Fire What was Ariel’s form on the ship?
Ariel’s second job To play music so that he can lead Ferdinand to Miranda. It also causes Ferdinand to think about his father’s death
He was invisible What was Ariel’s form when leading Ferdinand?
Ariel’s third job Cause the King and Gonzalo to fall asleep. He then wakes up Gonzalo when Antonio and Sebastian are about to kill the king.
Ariel’s fourth job He defends Prospero by whispering “Thou Liest” in the voice of Trinculo so that Stephano gets mad at Trinculo for making fun of Caliban.
Invisible What does Ariel look like during his fourth job?
Ariel’s fifth job He gives Antonio, Sebastian, and Alonso a frightening speech to warn them that they will be judged.
A harpy What is Ariel’s form during his fifth job?
Ariel’s sixth job Prospero asks him to bring the Roman god for the wedding ceremony.
Ariel’s seventh job He charms Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo and leads them through rough terrain and led them into a stinky pond.
Ariel’s 8th job Lead spirits disguised as hunting dogs to chase the trio.
Ariel’s 9th job Make Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian go mad.
Ariel’s 10th job Lead the boatswain and sailors to everybody.
Alonso Who do Antonio and Sebastian plan to murder?
Prospero Prospero Who do Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano plan to murder?
Sebastian Brother of Alonso, He is easily led into planning his own brothers murder.
Antonio Betrayed Prospero, Brother of Prospero, Duke of Milan
Claribel Alonso’s daughter married off to the Prince of Tunis (Tunisia, French African colony)
Iris Spirit of the Rainbow
Boatswain Man in charge of the ship
Venus Goddess of Love
Cupid Venus’s son
Juno Queen of the roman gods, married to Jupiter.
Ceres goddess of fertility and the harvest
Stefano The king’s butler. Arrives on island drunk
Caliban Prospero’s slave/servant. Offspring of witch Sycorax and the devil.
Ariel Spirit, Prospero’s servant, assists Prospero’s in seeking retribution over his enemies.
Miranda Prospero’s daughter, on island since 3 years old. In love with Ferdinand
Ferdinand Son of Alonso. In love with Miranda.
Alonso King of Naples
Prospero The rightful duke of Milan. After his brother, Antonio seized his title and property.
Gonzalo Is actually good
Trinculo The kings jester. Joins in with the drinking.
Watch over the boat as they travel to Naples What is Ariel’s final job?