Twelfth Night Final Test Act 1

What s the special celebration called Twelfth Night? It is the twelfth day after Christmas which need the holiday season. It was time for one last party before life returned to normal.
Why do most critics think that Shakespeare used Twelfth Night for the title of this play? Most critics think he was signaling that this play is full of carnival spirit, with costumes, pretence, and instant love.
What rules in Illyria? In Illyria love, not power or logic rules.
In modern English, what dose the subtitle of the play mean? In modern english the subtitle of the play means whatever. The phrase tells us the play is not terribly serious, make of it what you will.
What are the possible puns associated with the names of Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek? Sir Toby Belch’s names is a pun on his appetite and Sir Andrew Agusecheek’s last name is a pun on a disease called ague, possibly malaria. A person with ague probably had a pasty yellow complexion and was thin and spindly.
What is the theme of the play? Love
List the four body parts associated with certain characteristics. Tell which characteristic belongs to each body part The brain was the seat of reason, the liver was the seat of emotion, the speed the source of anger, and the heart is the source f love.
What are the four “humors” of bodily “fluids” tied in with the influence of astrology? What are the characteristics a person exhibits when “ruled” by one of these “humors?” The four “humors” tied in with the influence of astrology are choler (yellow bile), blood, phlegm, and melancholy (black bile). If someone was ruled by choler they would be anger and temperamental and would be physically hot and “dry.”
Explain what Duke Orsino tells you about himself and his love for Olivia in his very first speech in the play. The Duke Orsino tells us that he is obsessed with love and that nothing else can measure up to it. He says that his heart is with Olivia and that his desires have been pursing her. However, he also revels that he think more of love itself.
In Scene 2, what are examples of foreshadowing? scene 2 is foreshadowing that the next time we hear of Viola she will be disci zed as an lunch in the serous of the Duke Orsino, and that Sebastion may still be alive.
Viola disguised herself as a young man and joined the Duke’s court. How dose sh explain her action? Viola disguised herself because she’s not capable of facing the world without her brother, and it is dangerous for a women be out in the world traveling by herself. So since she could not serve Olivia and get protection from her, she would serve Orsino a a eunuch until she is better prepared to reveal her situation.
In Scene 3, Sir Toby talks Maria about Sir Andrew. Compare ad contrast their assessments of his character. Who is more reliable? Sir Toby tells us that Sir Andrew is rich with an income of 3000 ducats a year, plays the cello, speaks three or four languages, and has all of nature’s best gift. Maria on the other hand, states that hough Sir Andrew is rich he is a great spender and a fool. She adds that he is a natural born idiot, a great quarreler, a coward, and a drunk. Maris ovecourse has the most reliable account of Sir Andrew.
In Scene 3, sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria exchange a parade of outrageous puns on sex, sword fighting, and courting. What does this section tell you about each person’s intelligence and wit? This tells was that Sir Andrew doesn’t even no english, is a player, and lacks intelligence. Sir Toby is a clever drunk and is skaters than Sir Andrew but he is a scoundrel and a trouble maker. And finally we learn that Maria is smarter than the bother of them combined, we also learned that she is level headed and knows what trouble is.
Why does Duke Orsino send Viola/Cesario to Olivia’s court? Why does he fell that Cesario may be his most successful spokesman? Duke Orsino send Cesario to Olivia’s court to profess his love for her. The Duke feels because Cesario is young and is women like, Olivia would receive the message better from him.
Why don’t Feste and Malvolio like each other? whose side is Olivia on in the disagreement? Why does Malvolio seem out of place at Olivia’s court? Feste think Malvolio is a fool and is too serious, then Malvolio does’t see the point of fooling and that people who enjoy fools are just like the fool’s assistants. Olivia defends Feste and his profession because she personally doesn’t seem to mind fooling. However she later notes that his fooling can become dry and people grow to dislike it. Malvolio seems very out of place at Olivia’s court because he is so full of himself but he is also insecure.
What arguments dose Viola make to try to convince Olivia to love the Duke? How does the conversation backfire? Viola made that mistake of telling Olivia that if she loved Olivia like her maters she would stay outside her door and sing and profess his love for her until she took pity on her. Afterwards Olivia hints that she is interested in Cesrio by asking what is parentage was.