Twelfth Night characters and plot

Viola (Cesario) A young noblewoman who survives a shipwreck, disguises herself as a man, Cesario, and falls in love with her boss, Count Orsino.
Cesario (Viola) This is the alias Viola uses when she disguises herself as a young man so she can work for Count Orsino. In her disguise, she looks just like her twin, Sebastian.
Count Orsino Powerful nobleman who is in love with Lady Olivia. He sends his new servant, Cesario (Viola), to woo her.
Lady Olivia She is in mourning for her father and brother (they have died) and vows not to marry for 7 years; however, she falls in love with Cesario(Viola) whom the Count sends to woo her.
Sebastian Viola’s lost twin brother. He is saved from the sea by Antonio and he believes that his sister, Viola, drowned.
Malvolio Head servant for the Lady Olivia, who is very straight laced. He thinks he is better than everyone else he is in love with Lady Olivia. He falls victim to a prank played by Sir Toby, Maria, and Sir Andrew.
Feste He is the “fool” or clown, but it turns out that he is probably the wisest person around.
Sir Toby Belch Olivia’s uncle who lives with her. He loves to drink, hang out with friends and play practical jokes. He is allied with Mary and friend of Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
Maria Servant to Lady Olivia, who can imitate the lady’s handwriting. She writes the letter that fools Malvolio. She has a crush on Sir Toby.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Sir Toby’s ridiculous friend whom Toby wants to marry Lady Olivia.
Antonio The sea captain who rescues Sebastian from the sea and who saves Cesario (Viola) in a duel.
Where “Twelfth Night” takes place Illyria (not a real place)
“If music be the food of ______ play on.” love
Olivia is unwilling to see visitors because she is in mourning for her father and brother.
Viola arrives at Count Orsino’s court because she has been shipwrecked nearby
Sir Andrew Aguecheek is staying in Lady Olivia’s house because he is trying to woo Lady Olivia
Viola disguises herself by dressing as a young man and calling herself Cesario
What is Malvolio’s position in the household? He is Lady Olivia’s head servant
What is Sir Toby’s main vice? He drinks too much
Whom does Count Orsino send to Lady Olivia with his message of love? His servant, Cesario
Who is Sebastian Viola’s twin brother
Who forges the letter that Malvolio thinks in from Olivia? Maria
What does the forged letter make Malvolio believe? Lady Olivia is in love with him.
Who takes care of Sebastian after he is shipwrecked? Captain Antonio
Who challenges Cesario to a duel? Sir Andrew Aguecheek
What does Malvolio wear in hopes of pleasing Olivia? Yellow stockings and crossed garters.
What happens to Malvolio when he dresses and acts funny. He gets locked in the cellar/dark room
Whom does Olivia marry? Viola’s brother Sebastian
When Count Orsino finds out the Cesario is really Viola, a woman, he marries her