Twelfth Night Characters

Fool “Feste” Olivia’s Fool. He is smart, yet witty, and provides a good laugh for both Duke Orisno and Lady Olivia’s house.
Maria Lady Olivia’s maid servant. She is smart and helps pull off a prank against Malvolio.
Viola (Cesario) The antagonist of the play. She thinks she looses her twin brother Sebastian and disguises herself as the young man Cesario to work for Duke Orsino, whom she falls in love with.
Malvolio Lady Olivia’s loyal servant. He feels for her, and with the help of Maria and Sir Toby he feels that she loves him back.
Sir Toby Lady Olivia’s drunk Uncle. He tries to set his neice up with Sir Andrew, and conspires with Maria for a prank and a good laugh.
Sebastian Viola’s twin brother. He believes that she has died at sea, and was taken care of by Antonio until he decides to go to Duke’s court where he marries Lady Olivia. She thinks him to be Cesario.
Duke Orsino The noble Duke of Illyria. He is in love with Lady Olivia and vows to win her heart. He trust his faithful servant Cesario and councils him much.
Curio and Valentine Two of Duke’s servants. Neither are as close to the Duke as Cesario. They schmooze to Duke and try to aid him in any way they can.
Fabian A freind of Sir Andrew. He supports Sir Andrew and Sir Toby in the fight to win Olivia.
Sir Andrew A Knight trying to win Olivia’s heart for Sir Toby. He, also a drunk, likes to play tricks, especially on Malvolio.
Lady Olivia The Lady Olivia has lost her brother not long before the play’s beginning. She refuses to love and rejects Duke Orsino’s courts time and time again. When Cesario comes along to say his affections, she finds herself drawn to him, whom is actually a woman.
Antonio He cares for Sebastian after he was left at sea, and thought dead. He is an enemy of Duke’s court but is loyal to Sebastian, and follows him. He is arrested by Duke’s servants and feels rejected by Sebastian, whom he helped so much.
Captain The boat captain that saved Viola from sea. He tells her to find work at Duke’s court and helps her disguise herself as Cesario.